FindND app brings tourism into the 21st century

One of the most common conveniences of the 21st century is the smartphone and coupled with its hundreds of uses, it’s now able to be a tourism guide.


Posted on 6/11/16

By Melissa Anderson

One company from Walhalla is about to change the way businesses and small towns promote themselves as On Prairie Software President Nathan Smith released his companies FindND app on June 1, and it has already had a successful showing.

The idea for the FindND app came about  when Smith spent time in Walhalla and saw a need for a couple of things. First was the ability of businesses and attractions located in small towns like Walhalla to be better able to promote themselves to visitors in the area. The second was the ability to connect communities by providing a central location of events that the businesses themselves can manage.

“There are things to do and see in the Rendezvous region and this app will help reach a larger audience,” Smith explained.

The FindND app will be able to bring in customers that businesses would normally not be able to. An example Smith gave was if someone were traveling near Langdon but had no knowledge of events. The FindND app can send a notification to their phone once they are within 30 miles of Langdon letting them know events are occurring and invite them to attend.

“This app is statewide for attractions and lodging, but only Langdon, Cavalier, Drayton, and Walhalla have events and other business types listed at this time,” Smith said.

For business owners, the app allows the business to login and edit their information, add events, and in the future, send notifications to FindND users.

For visitors and residents of the area, they can view business/attractions as well as events added by the businesses. Businesses and attractions can be filtered several ways including the user’s current location, by city name, and zipcode. Users will be able to connect with businesses by phone, email, website, and maps.

“We will continue to add new functionality to this app to improve the user’s experience and give businesses more options to promote what they do,” Smith stated.

Currently the app is available to Android and iOS (Apple products such as iPhone and iPad)users. Simply go into the platforms app store and search for “Find North Dakota”.

“We are looking at adding Windows Phone in the future as well as have a website option,” Smith said.

The best way for businesses to sign up is through the app ,but if that is not possible, businesses can go to: and get their business registered.