Langdon City Commission meets with full agenda on June 13

The Langdon City Commission held their first regular meeting of the month of June on the 13 with a full agenda of business.


Posted on 6/18/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission first heard department reports and Commissioner Marty Tetrault addressed the other members of the commission about the paving machine the city had rented to do repair work on the city streets. Tetrault stated that the machine seems to be working very well for the city street crew in addressing the condition of the streets. Tetrault reminded the commission that the lease will be up at the end of the month and that City Street Supervisor Rob Gilseth will need another month and a half to accomplish what he had planned.

Tetrault asked the commission if they would consider purchasing the paving machine. Tetrault explained that the lease payments would be considered a down payment towards the full purchase price. The commission agreed to purchase the machine and would look into financing options from local banking institutions.

The Langdon Activity Center Director, Judy Lill, informed the commission that she has lost her summer employee due to an accident. The employee will be unable to work for at least three months leaving the center with only Lill. Cavalier County Sheriff Dave Zeis informed the city commission that he would be resigning from his position in September of this year and that after July, the city would be working with Greg Fetsch, who is the appointed sheriff following Zeis resignation.

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that Deputy Auditor Kensi Eisenzimmer had turned in her resignation and will be taking another position within the community. Hoffarth told that commission that she and Langdon City Commission Chair Chuck Downs had contacted, Franke Gamez, the other candidate that had been heavily considered for the position and that she had accepted the position.

Under new business the commission heard from Val Olson concerning a coulee that runs right next to her property. Olson informed the commission that the coulee, which has a history of washing out and has been filled twice by the city already, is again washed out. Olson also stated that the ditch on the south side of the coulee next to the road is also starting to appear washed out which could compromise the road.

Tetrault stated that he would  view the coulee and ditch that same evening and would then make Gilseth aware of the situation and create a plan for addressing the issue.

Cavalier County Job Development Authority Executive Director Shannon Duerr put forward a loan request from Russ Stremick for $15,000 at 0 percent interest towards the purchase of the old Quality Specialty Products and Printing location. The commission approved the loan request.

Duerr and Hoffarth then addressed approval of 11 blocks to be added to the current Renaissance Zone in Langdon. Duerr and Hoffarth selected the blocks as they would provide the most incentive to the community. The commission approved the 11 blocks put forward.

Downs then informed the commission that he would be buying into the company he currently works for, Samson Electric. Downs stated he wanted to make the commission and residents of Langdon aware that he would now be an owner and remove any possible conflict of interests. It was discussed that because Langdon has under 10,000 residents, it wouldn’t affect anything and so long as Downs recuses himself from any votes pertaining to bids or work done by Samson, it shouldn’t be a problem.

In Other Business

• The commission approved an agreement between the city and the Cavalier County Water Board in regards to aerial spraying.

• The commission approved a catering permit for Sporty’s Bar and Grill.

• The commission approved fireworks permits for the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce for Music Fest, the sale of fireworks for Gail Breyer and Langdon’s General Store. The commission again discussed bringing forward an ordinance like other cities in the state that would require so many feet between a fireworks stand or place of storage and a residential dwelling.