Cavalier County Commission meeting held on June 21

The Cavalier County Commission had their last meeting for the month of June on the 21st. The commission met with a full agenda of business.


Posted on 6/25/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Angela Plummer, Cavalier County Human Resources Officer, to discuss the updates made to the county’s policy manual. Plummer explained that she went through the manual and made numerous corrections to grammatical errors, repetitive phrasing, and  formatting issues. Plummer explained that she also made the manual available in a PDF format with clickable links for employees to use on their computers to more easily access information within the manual.

The commission commended Plummer for the excellent work done in updating the manual. The commission tabled the updated manual to allow the courthouse department heads to review the manual and bring any suggestions to Plummer prior to the approval of the commission.

Plummer then addressed the commission on timekeeping suggestions. Plummer recommended that the employees use the old time keeping method that was used at the courthouse where each employee keeps track of their hours and at the end of every month they make a photocopy to be handed in to the auditor’s office for bookkeeping purposes. Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner explained that by having a monthly tracking method, the State Audit would go more smoothly by allowing a quicker method of spot checking. The commission agreed that was a good idea and approved it.

The commissioners then met with Cavalier County Library Director Shannon Nuelle along with library board members Kathy Rueger and Jeremy Schuler to discuss the library’s budget and proposed project for paving the parking lot.

The board members and Nuelle asked if the commission had suggestions on how to structure the savings accounts held by the library.  Commission Chair Elsie Magnus suggested that the library divide the savings account into specific funds such as a building fund, book fund, etc. instead of just general savings. This would make it easier for the library since it would designate funds for only certain aspects much like the county does.

The board then asked the commission for guidance on pursuing the paving of the library parking lot. Nuelle and the board members explained they were not clear on what the library was legally allowed to do in terms of a project like paving. The commission informed them that the library can take out a loan for the project but must place bids for it since county money may be used to fund part of the project. With those parameters, the commission gave the library board the permission to start actively pursuing the project.

The commission met with Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department to discuss the need to replace a vehicle. The vehicle used for the K-9 unit was totaled while pursuing suspects in a vehicle theft during the week of June 13.

Sheriff Dave Zeis and Deputy Greg Fetsch informed the commission that the frame of the vehicle was cracked thus totaling it and making it unsafe to drive. Zeis and Fetsch stated that the insurance payment is estimated at around $14,000. They brought forward one vehicle, a 2016 Ford Expedition, to replace the totaled one. The price quoted by the dealer was $34,000.

The commission reasoned that since the totaled vehicle was due to be replaced last year and the cost to transfer equipment into a used vehicle that would be replaced a few years made buying the new expedition the logical choice. The commission approved the purchase.

In Other Business

• The commission met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss road maintenance.

• The commission approved a beer and liquor license for Frost Fire.