Langdon Area School District board met with full agenda on June 20

The Langdon Area School District board held their monthly meeting on June 20.


Posted on 6/25/16

By Melissa Anderson

The board had a full agenda to discuss and business to address.

The board heard first from Langdon Area High School (LAHS) Principal Daryl Timian who gave reports on progress made on summer projects at the school as well as reports that would be turned into the state. Langdon Area Elementary School Principal Todd Hetler gave his report regarding summer projects at the elementary school. The lockers for the students will be installed the last week of June, and the new bells and clocks will be ordered soon.

Hetler informed the board that the bid for the elementary bathroom projects was inaccurate due to the incorrect material being quoted. The cost for the project is likely to increase by several hundred dollars with the appropriate materials. The board approved the additional costs related to the bathroom project in order for it to be completed this summer.

Board member Dave Hart addressed the need to do landscaping along the track in order to make it safer. Hart suggested that the administration seek bids for the work now so that a contractor can have it on their list.

Hart put forward two recommendations from the activities committee. One recommendation would be to remove the exceptional athlete out of the policy. Hart explained that the policy was only affecting the volleyball program due to their high numbers. The policy would remain as is with the exception of the phrase “exceptional athlete” being removed.

The board asked that the committee draft the new policy as recommended and bring it back for the board to approve.

Hart brought forward the second recommendation which was made after discussion with coaches and the school’s athletic director. The committee recommended reducing the number of athletes required to hire  an additional coach from 24 to 20. The policy would still state that the numbers used must be from grades 9-12 and that junior high athletes could not be used in the numbers.

Hart asked the board to act on the recommendation at the meeting in order to put it into effect for fall sports. The board agreed and approved the reduction in number required for an additional coach from 24 to 20.

The board approved the new LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer and the contract for the position. The board also approved adding Eisenzimmer and new LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson to the signature cards at all of the financial institutions used by the school district.

The board then went into executive session to discuss two legal matters brought against LASD. Coming out of executive session the motion was made and approved to share with the LASD attorney what had been discussed during the executive session.

In Other Business

• The board had a special presentation from two students who went on the Social Science Club trip.

• The board approve the pledge of securities from their financial institutions.

• Canvassed the recent school board election and approved the results.

• Rescheduled the next school board meeting from July  11 to July 18.