Cavalier County Commissioners met with short agenda on July 5

The Cavalier County commission met with a short agenda following the holiday weekend on July 5.


Posted on 7/9/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with Cavalier County  Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss county road maintenance and related projects. Johnston informed the commission of box culvert requests that had been submitted and also of meetings that would be occurring concerning road projects including a pre-construction meeting with the company that will be doing the seal coat project.

The commission moved on to concerns of road maintenance material, specifically the quality of gravel being put on county roads. The commission also discussed the designated roads that will be used to transport the material used on the county and township roads.

Cavalier County Sheriff Dave Zeis joined the table to discuss the load limit signs and the enforcement of said signs.  The commission discussed at length the policy that is in place and made it clear to everyone that while the signs are up, the load limits are enforceable and that the county would need to make that policy clearer to those it concerns.

The commission then heard an abatement request from Edward Stremick. Stremick’s request centered around inaccurate soil type for his property. Tom Valentine spoke as the assessor and explained to the commission the situation with Stremick’s property and stated that the new taxable value amount requested by Stremick was within the ballpark of what he believed the property could be valued at.

Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz addressed the commission as well about the abatement request and stated that many in the Fremont Township had come forward with similar errors on their properties tax records. Lafrenz contacted Sidwell, which is the county’s tax system for agricultural land, and was informed that the county’s records for soil types and tax value were based on a survey conducted in 2011. Lafrenz also contacted the North Dakota State Tax Commission office and was informed that in 2012, there was a major change in the soil types that  added up to additional 90 soil types in some counties.

The commission decided to table the abatement and try to collect the necessary information that would allow them to make a decision on it.

The commission held a conference call with the Sidwell representative that Lafrenz works with on a regular basis to determine the cost and time frame for the county soil types and maps to be updated. The representative informed the commission that the cost would be a little over $8,000 to update the soil types based on NRCS maps for the entire county but that the time frame for completion would not be until January 1 of 2017. The commission did not make a decision regarding the complete updating of the soil types but did request that Lafrenz have Sidwell begin work immediately on the spacial adjustments for the county.

In Other Business

• The commission was informed that Honeywell will be placing bids shortly for the work on the heating system of the courthouse. The commission also discussed the asbestos removal and would need to have that work begin by August 1.

• The commission approved a game site license for Langdon Country Club.

• The commission accepted the bid from Plummer construction for concrete work that is needed to be done at the courthouse.