LAHS Social Science Club makes trip to Washington, D.C.-New York City

The Langdon Area High School (LAHS) Social Science Club’s hard work of fundraising paid off as almost 30 students took the trip of a lifetime to the nation’s capital to learn and participate in a hands-on civic lesson.

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Posted on 7/9/16

By Melissa Anderson

“The Social Science Club is a club that is set up to provide Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to experience our nation’s capital and see politics and government firsthand,” Ethen Askvig, the club’s advisor, said.

The students hard work during the two years of fundraising the funds raised helped defray a portion of the cost of the trip.

A total of 27 students went on the Social Science trip to Washington D.C. making a side trip to New York City, New York. Over the course of the week-long trip, the students participated in CLOSEUP, a program whose primary role is to give the students an “experience as complementary to classroom civic learning”.

Since 1971, over 825,000 participants have participated in CloseUp programs. The programs mission is to develop a strong democracy which requires active and informed participation by all citizens.

“Therefore we seek to reach participants of every race, creed, geographical community, socio-economic level, and academic standing,” the organization states.

To carry out this mission, CloseUp partners with educators, schools, and youth organizations throughout the country to help young people develop the skills and attitudes to become informed and engaged citizens.

“Our part is to take learning out of the book and place it in the lived experience of the student,” Askvig explained, “in order to move from the conceptual basis of civic education to an empowering engagement with the concrete processes and controversies of contemporary politics.”

Close Up provides students with practical opportunities to experience, for themselves, the problems and prospects of political activity.

While on the trip students participated in a variety of activities including: mock congress, debates on current issues, a presentation on national law day over Miranda Rights, visited the capital, met the North Dakota Legislators – Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven and Congressman Kramer, saw the monuments and Arlington National Cemetery.

LAHS graduating senior Brynn Crockett said, “My favorite part about the social science trip was getting to hear all the different opinions on government issues of people from all over the states.”

In New York the students attended a Broadway play, visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, walked the financial district and Times Square, and were able to spend a couple of hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.

“It was a very busy and productive week for the students to see history firsthand and make many great memories,” Askvig said, “As one of the smaller schools we had one of the largest groups from all of the schools that participate in the program.”

Askvig and the LAHS Social Science club wishes to extend a special thank you to the many community members and businesses that helped support the students and allowed them to participate in this experience.