Langdon City Commissioners met July 11 with full agenda

The Langdon City Commission held a regular meeting on Monday, July 11 with a full agenda.


Posted on 7/16/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission’s first order of business was discussing the proposed police contract with Cavalier County Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch. The full commission once again went over the contract with Fetsch who answered the commission’s questions and discussed costs of municipal police force which would be substantially more than the proposed contract.

The commission tabled the issue of the police contract to allow more thought on what the commission would like to do, either accept or counter offer.

The commission discussed the next steps of joining Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) in purchasing water from Devils Lake. NRWD General Manager Gordon Johnson went over what needs to happen next in order to have a project completion date sometime in towards the end of 2017. Johnson informed the commission on what NRWD will be working on to get the first part of the project going, such as completion of agreements and the bidding process for the work. Johnson went over what the City of Langdon will need to complete on their side as well, including securing the local share of funding. Johnson encouraged the city commission to consider bonding as a funding option.

Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman was present and added his thoughts on the next steps for the city in regards to the water project. Ritterman informed the commission that there was loan funding with a very low interest rate available from USDA Rural Development that the city could take advantage of. Ritterman encouraged this option because it could potentially help set up grant dollars for other city projects down the road.

Ritterman also gave updates on where Moore Engineering was with other projects commissioned by the city. Ritterman stated that they were in the final stages of preparation and whcih would soon be presented to the city commission for final approval.

Greg Semenko of the North Dakota Department of Transportation was present at the meeting to discuss possible improvement to the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 5 as well as the intersection of Highway 5 and Main Street of Langdon. Semenko informed the commission that the state is considering laying a hot asphalt mix at the intersection of Highway 1 and 5. This would tie into another project east of Langdon on Highway 5.

The commission agreed to cost share the expense of the improvement to the intersection of Highway 1 and 5. Semenko and the DOT will return will bid estimates for review by the commission. The commission asked about placing LED blinking stop signs at the intersection of Highway 5 and Main Street. Semenko informed the commission that the blinking stop signs could be a possibility.

The commission met with Langdon Building Inspector Gary Bimler, Alex Chaput and three other residents about the proposed building of a garage and cement pad on a property that Chaput is remodeling. Bimler explained that he had measured the area that the proposed structure would be built and that it would be very tight to the property line bringing the question of access to the structure into question.

Three residents with neighboring properties voiced their concern about the structure being built, citing reasons of how the new owner would access the structure, that no one else along the area has a structure like this which would create an eyesore, and the issue of the property no longer having any backyard to speak of if the garage were to be built.

Chaput stated that there is no city ordinance limiting his ability to build the structure and the other three property owners should not limit his rights to do what he wants with the property.

City Commission Chair Chuck Downs informed Chaput that because there was no garage listed on the building permit he would have to apply for a new one and at that time the commission would decide on either accepting or rejecting it. Chaput stated that the commission would have no reason to reject it as there is no ordinance that could be used to deny the permit. Downs explained that the  commission did have the power to override any ordinance. The commission requested Chaput fill out the necessary additional building permit and would continue the discussion at the next commission meeting.

In Other Business

• Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth informed the commission that the city would see a decrease in revenue from the state and highway funds of about 35 percent.

• Cavalier County Job Development Authority Executive Director Shannon Duerr presented a funding request on behalf of Dawson Schefter to start a leadership program for area youth in conjunction with NDSU Extension Service. The commission approved the request.

• The commission tabled the issue of auctioning an abandoned vehicle after a legal question was raised concerning the sale. The city received one bid for the vehicle in question.