Langdon City Commission meets with full agenda on July 25

The Langdon City Commission held their final meeting for the month of July on Monday the 25th.


Posted on 7/30/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission first discussed the proposed police contract with the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department with Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch and Cavalier County Commissioners Stanley Dick, Elsie Magnus, and Rick Ring.

Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth presented a proposal to the county commissioners and Fetsch that the city would pay half of the increase the first year then pay the full amount the following two years of the contract. This proposal was considered by the county commissioners and Fetsch. Fetsch was in agreement that the cost of operating the required police presence in the City of Langdon has risen substantially.

The city commission expressed some concerns over having to cover the cost of a new police vehicle. Fetsch explained that the department has applied for a grant from Homeland Security that they are expecting to receive which will cover three new vehicles in the coming years. Fetsch explained that he would rather the city focus on the cost of living increases that will be necessary to add to the total contract during its life.

Langdon City Commission Chair Chuck Downs tabled the contract once again for lack of a full commission. The city commission will submit their proposal for payment of the contract to the full county commission at the county’s next meeting.

Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) had Cal Thelen,  an engineer with Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S), present to discuss the contract between NRWD and the City of Langdon for bringing of City of Devils Lake treated water to Langdon. Cameron Sillers was present as legal advisor to the city. Thelen explained that the contract had not changed in numbers or stipulations from previous viewings and that NRWD would like to start the biding process within the next week.

Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman asked if the contract between NRWD and the City of Devils Lake had been signed yet. The representative informed the commission the City of Devils Lake has reviewed and discussed the proposed contract between the two twice but due to other issues currently facing the City of Devils Lake, the contract has not been approved and signed as of yet but is expected to be signed at their next meeting.

The contract was tabled by Downs until the full commission could be present to vote on the signing of the contract.

Ritterman gave updates to the commission on funding options for the water project with NRWD. Ritterman is most optimistic about the loan option from the USDA Rural Development but also had a secondary option that he showed comparisons of terms and payments to the commission. Ritterman stated that financially, the City of Langdon is sitting in a good position for gaining the best loan.

In Other Business

• The commission met with Cavalier Rural Electric and a citizen who were interested in what the commission had decided to do with the railroad property that the city recently acquired. The commission explained that at this time the city does own it but is unsure of how they will move forward with the dispersal of the property to adjacent homeowners. The commission stated they will be contacting Fischer Surveying to determine surveying costs.

• Hoffarth went over the preliminary budget and how the state shortfalls are affecting the city at this point. Hoffarth asked that each commissioner meet with her to go over their portfolios.