Robertson Field in Langdon receives federal grant

North Dakota’s federal representatives have been working hard to bring federal dollars to assist rural North Dakota. U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Senator John Hoeven announced three federal grants totaling over $1.7 million to support upgrades and needed maintenance to the Langdon, Bottineau, and Pembina municipal airports.


Posted on 7/30/16

By Melissa Anderson

“North Dakota’s rural airports are critically important for small town economies particularly for the general aviation industry,” Heitkamp said, “This federal funding will provide federal resources for needed infrastructure repairs and maintenance at our rural airports that keep pilots safe and support local needs for the nearby communities of Langdon, Bottineau, and Pembina to grow.”

Senator Hoeven, who serves on the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, said “Quality infrastructure supports increased economic activity and also our residents’ safety. These grants will fund a variety of airport enhancement projects that will help to ensure that airports throughout the state are safe for air travelers.”

The federal grants are made available through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Langdon Municipal Airport Authority received $627,462 in federal funding to support the repair and maintenance of the runway and taxiway for the Robertson Field airport in Langdon.

The total project cost is slated at $697,180 with the Langdon Municipal covering $34,859. The federal FAA will cover 90 percent of the total project cost with the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission and the Langdon Municipal Airport Authority each covering 5 percent.

Specifically, the grant will assist in the rehabilitation of 3,600 feet of runway to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and minimize foreign object debris. The grant will also go towards funding the mill and overlay construction of the runway.

“The project should be completed by the end of September with the project starting September 1,” John Boe, President of the Langdon Municipal Airport Authority, said.

The project will mill off an inch and a half of the existing runway and replace it with new asphalt with a depth of two inches.

“This will make the runway safer,” Boe said.

The runway will be closed for the duration of the project, but the impact of newly refurbished asphalt will be the viable runway for air ambulance use and, of course, normal air traffic.

It’s to the benefit of the community to have a federally funded airport to provide air emergency services to the community and the entire county,” Boe said.

Other North Dakota airports receiving funding from this FAA grant are Bottineau Municipal Airport Authority, which will receive  $293,347 in federal funding to repair and maintain the runway, apron, and support the rehabilitation and widening of the taxiway, and Pembina Municipal Airport Authority will receive $260,000 in federal funding to make repairs and maintenance to their runway and taxiway.