Langdon Area School board prepares for upcoming school year

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) Board held their last meeting before the start of the 2016-2017 school year on Monday, August 8.


Posted on 8/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

Langdon Area School District Superintendent Daren Christianson discussed the work finalizing last school year’s budget and the work being done to prepare and present the upcoming school year budget. Christianson has been working closely with the newly hired business manager, Kensi Eisenzimmer, to complete the task.

Christianson explained that the school will be submitting for the 12 percent increase in tax revenue again this year and went over for the board how much funds the school will be expecting from the mills. The school will need to be operating on a balanced budget from now on and must also maintain at least 60 mills in tax revenue in order to keep in line with state mandates and not suffer a decrease in state funding.

Christianson then moved on to giving the updates on the summer improvement projects in the two schools. Christianson stated that everything is completed or nearing completion with both schools expected to be ready for the students by the first day of school. Christianson also informed the board that LASD received several smart boards at no cost from a higher education facility.

Eisenzimmer presented the preliminary school finance report to the board for review. Because numbers have not been finalized, the board was unable to approve the report for submission for publication.

Eisenzimmer recommended to the board that the school make direct deposit the mandatory method of payment for payroll. Eisenzimmer explained that the majority of the LASD employees use this method of payment and that it would also streamline payroll making it easy for bookkeeping and ensuring paychecks are received. The board approved making direct deposit mandatory for all LASD employees.

The board reviewed substitute teacher compensation. Christianson explained that currently, LASD is one of the lowest paying districts in regards to substitute teachers. He stated that if the school hopes to attract and keep good subs, the board should increase the pay by $10. After some discussion on what the past school year’s expenses were in regards to substitute teacher compensation, the board approved raising the substitute teacher pay from $115 to $125 per day.

The activities committee gave an update that the board needs to approve the advisors for the non-athletic extracurricular activities. The board discussed if there were any new advisors since the last time this topic was discussed. As there was not and the only vacant advisor position being the speech coach, the board approved the list of advisors.

Board member Cindy Stremick brought forward an inquiry from a patron asking that since Langdon Area High School did not have an FFA Chapter if students interested could join the Munich Chapter, and, if so, would a co-op be required. After some discussion the board saw no reason that students of LAHS could not join the Munich FFA Chapter if they so chose. Since FFA is not a NDHSAA sanctioned activity, a co-op would not be necessary.

In Other Business

• The board reviewed the bus driver list for 2016-2017. There was some discussion on the accuracy of the list as board member Cregg Stein believed one of the drivers had quit the previous spring but was still on the list. Following discussion the board approved the list as is.

• The board acknowledged receipt of several home school letters of intent.

• The board approved the consolidated application for federal funding for Title I and II programs at LASD.

• The board approved the date and time of the required tax meeting for Monday, September 12 at 7 p.m.