Langdon City Commission conduct business at recent meeting

The Langdon City Commission held their first meeting of the month on Monday, August 8.


Posted on 8/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission’s first item of business was the continued negotiation for contracting police services from the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department. Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch was present to discuss the updated proposal from the Cavalier County Commission that was decided on at their last meeting. Fetsch went over the amounts required to be paid each year of the three year contract and explained the reasons for each increase.

Commissioner Lawrence Henry reviewed the proposal that the city commission sent to the county commission with Fetsch to clear up any misunderstanding.

Lisa Buchweitz asked for clarification for how the proposal from the county was structured.  Fetsch explained answering each of Buchweitz’s questions.

Cavalier County Commissioner Nick Moser was also present for the discussion and suggested that the Langdon City Commission join the county commission at their next meeting along with Fetsch to further discuss and negotiate the contract and each entities proposals so that the city can finalize the contract at their next regular meeting. The city commissioners agreed.

Northeast Regional Water District General Manager Gordon Johnson was present to give an update regarding the contract with the City of Devils Lake. Johnson assured the city commission that the City of Devils Lake will be approving the contract for purchase of water at their upcoming meeting on August 15.

Johnson then went over updates regarding the bidding process for the construction process. NRWD is planning to start the bidding process for the construction of the pump houses at the end of the month. Johnson also went over construction funds available to the city and the plan that NRWD has for the pipeline. The commission asked for an update on whether Cando would be joining the project, and Johnson stated that while Cando has expressed significant interest, NRWD will not be pursuing anything at this time until the contracts with the City of Langdon and Devils Lake are approved.

Johnson also suggested that prior to the hookup, the City of Langdon flush their pipelines within the city to remove any residue build up from the pipes.

Langdon Street Supervisor Rob Gilseth brought forward a right of entry request from a firm that is working on testing sites to determine if there is possible contamination from the underground holding tanks. The firm has attempted to drill test sites on a few private properties but were denied entry. The firm requested permission to access city property for testing. Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel discussed the issue with the commission and recommended that the commission deny the request based on the fact that private owners were denying entry. The commission agreed, and Wenzel will send a letter outlining the city’s position.

In Other Business

• During department reports Gilseth reported that the mosquito counts were down over the past two weeks but that he plans to continue to spray two times a week for the foreseeable future. The Deputy Auditor Frankie Gamez reported that the auditor’s office is working on the budget and hopes to have a preliminary budget to present to the commission by next meeting.

• Gamez reported that Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth contacted Fischer Surveying regarding an estimate for surveying the railroad property but Fischer was still working on it at time of the meeting.

• Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Barb Mehlhoff submitted the regular funding requests to the city commission. Gamez explained the requests in Mehlhoff’s absence, and the commission approved the requests.

• Cavalier County Job Development Authority Director Shannon Duerr presented two Renaissance zone requests to the commission. Both were approved.