Spotlight on Community

Having a lemonade stand during the summer time is a great way for those smaller entrepreneurs to earn some cash.


Posted on 8/13/16

By Melissa Anderson

For two such business-minded kids, Rudy and Ryder Moser, the 10 and 6-year-old sons of Nick and Andrea Moser, the lemonade business they started had a sweet intention.

The two boys raised over $100 that they donated to the Langdon Area Rural Fire Department.

The idea for the lemonade stand came one afternoon when father, Nick Moser, came home from work to a stand built from hockey nets and chairs in which the two boys were going to sell fire wood for $1 apiece. Ryder had his guitar and was going to sell songs for $14.

“When I asked them if anybody had stopped to see what they were doing, the answer was, ‘No but a lot of cars are slowing down on the highway’,” Moser said.

At that time they decided they wanted to do a lemonade stand, but they did not have any lemonade, and after visiting about it, they decided to have it be located in the Montana Dakota Utilities parking lot and sell it for $1 a cup.

“Andrea suggested the idea of donating all the money to an organization, and without any hesitation, they agreed,” Moser said, “We came up with a list of places that they could donate the money raised, and they chose to give it to the Fire Department.”

With their parents help setting up the stand and making the lemonade, the two boys got to work selling the lemonade for a good cause. The challenge of selling the lemonade was easy for the two.

“All you had to do is just sit and wait for customers,” Rudy said, “We should have another lemonade stand.”

“It was easy because I never had to do anything,” Ryder added.

The Moser boys spent a good amount of time outdoors with their stand. According to Rudy it was four hours, but for Ryder it felt “like a thousand hours”.

For Nick and Andrea, having their two boys set up a lemonade stand was not only a good way to get the two out of the house but also give back to the community.

“I figured they would make $20-$30, but they well exceeded that amount,” Moser said.

Not only did the boys exceed expectations of what they could raise, but according to Rudy, the lemonade was also a hit.

“They said it tasted good”, Rudy said, “The people really thought the idea of donating the money was a great choice.”

While the Moser boys did a very selfless deed in raising money for the fire department there was an additional reward that each got. The best part for Ryder was going to Dairy Queen for ice cream while Rudy enjoyed doing all the work, “I like doing that.”

In total the Moser boys raised $122.41 that they donated to the Langdon Fire Department on August 3 at the monthly meeting.

“It is hard to put into words the thoughtfulness of the Moser boys,” LAFD Fire Chief Lawrence Henry said,”The Fire Dept. is very appreciative and grateful of their generous donation. It is very nice of these young individuals to think of the fire dept.”

“These two could have kept the money for themselves, but they chose to donate it which is really awesome,” Henry added.

As of right now, the fire department does not have a specific item that the funds will be used for, but chances are, it will go towards a piece of equipment for the new truck that will be delivered next spring.

“The Langdon Fire Department would like to thank Rudy and Ryder for the donation,” Henry said .

Rudy and Ryder would like to thank all the people who stopped and the firefighters for all the work that they do for our community.