County Commissioners meet with full agenda

The Cavalier County Commission had a very full agenda for the August 16 meeting.


Posted on 8/20/16

By Melissa Anderson

Ed Stremick met with the commission to further discuss his abatement request. Tom Valentine was also present and discussed the reasoning and numbers being used to justify the abatement request. After extensive discussion the commission approved the abatement request based on the recommendation of the township and information provided.

The commission then reviewed the budget requests of Cavalier County Tax Director for creation of a permanent position for an assistant or deputy tax director. Stephanie Reko presented her current list of duties as well as the current and prospective workload that the tax director’s office is expecting. Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz and Reko had discussed having Reko take over the agricultural land values and soil types so that  way more could be accomplished.

Commissioner Stanley Dick stated that with the tax director’s office so far behind that something must be done in order to get the necessary corrections and updates to information done. After discussion with Reko the commission approved creating a permanent position of deputy tax director with a four day work week.

The commission also met with Cavalier County Emergency Manager Karen Kempert to discuss the additional salary increase that she requested.

The commission met with Human Resources officer Angela Plummer. Plummer went over her suggestion for a timekeeping, comp time and flex for the county employees. The commission and Plummer discussed at length but tabled the issue. Plummer also informed the commission that she had accepted a full time position in the City of Devils Lake. The commission agreed to amend her contract to make it on call rather than one day in office.

The commission met with Cavalier County Sheriff Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch and Langdon City Commissioners Chuck Downs and Cody Schlittenhard to discuss the police contract. After intensive discussion the commission rejected the counter proposals put forward by the city. Dick shared that he has received numerous calls from residents within the county that they are tired of subsidizing the City of Langdon. The commission and the sheriff’s department was in agreement that the increase was a long-time coming   and the county’s offer was fair. Downs stated that pending a full city commission, the decision should be made at the next city commission meeting.

In Other Business

• The commission heard preliminary budget proposals from  Cavalier County Senior Meals and Services, Job Development Authority, County Extension, Clerk of Court, and the State’s Attorney.

• The commission met with road supervisor Terry Johnston to review culvert requests. Johnston had five requests, three of which he recommended be denied. The commission agreed and approved the other two requests.

The commission and Johnston then discussed issues with designated haul roads not being used. The commission requested Johnston review the damage to the roads that have been used instead and speak with the company hauling.