Langdon City Commission approves police contract

The Langdon City Commission met on Monday, August 22 to review the final proposal for the contract negotiations for police services with the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department.


Posted on 8/27/16

By Melissa Anderson

At the previous Cavalier County Commission meeting, the city’s counter proposal was rejected with the county standing behind their last offer and terms.

Cavalier County Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch along with county auditor Lisa Gellner and commissioners Nick Moser, Elsie Magnus, and Tom Borgen were all present to discuss the contract with city commissioners.

Extensive discussion on the how the city commissioners were going to justify the substantial increase in the contract amount was the main topic. The commission also reviewed the cost of living percentage included in the contract as well as the funds that would be set aside for a new vehicle when needed by the sheriff’s department.

Eventually, Langdon City Commissioner Lawrence Henry stated that the city commission had no choice but to approve the police contract as presented. The commission approved the three year police contract with the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department.

The commission also received an update from Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) General Manager Gordy Johnson on the status of the contract with the City of Devils Lake concerning the purchasing of water. Johnson informed the commission that the contract was approved at the most recent Devils Lake City Commission meeting and that NRWD would be moving forward with the biding process for the two pump stations that NRWD hopes to have built prior to the onset of winter. Johnson stated that there has been a lot of interest in the pump houses and pipeline construction projects.

The commission received a request for a fund donation from Jordan Braunberger on behalf of New Hope Fellowship. The commission reviewed the request and discussed the designated account for donations such as was requested. The commission was unsure of the current funds available in the account and what the limit was for the donation. The commission tabled the request until Langdon City Auditor RoxAnne Hoffarth could present the required information.

In Other Business

• Hoffarth informed the commission during her auditor’s report that Vanguard had been in contact with the City to inform them that assessment of the City of Langdon is slated for a late 2016 start and finalized by December 2017.

Hoffarth also informed the commission that over the course of reviewing and preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, state aide is expected to be  cut by 28 mills. Hoffarth explained that 14 of those mills go to the general fund, and the other 14 assist the Langdon City Street Department.

• Cavalier County Chief Deputy Greg Fetsch informed the commission that the Sheriff’s Department has been receiving numerous calls from citizens regarding scam calls claiming to be the IRS. The IRS does not use  threatening phone calls to notify taxpayers of potential problems with their tax returns. The Sheriff’s Department asks that if you receive a phony IRS call, to report it to the United States Treasury at 1-800-366-4484 or email at

Special Meeting

Following their regular meeting, the Langdon City Commission held a special meeting to discuss plans with Kent Ritterman of Moore Engineering regarding the construction of a pumphouse and possible demolition of the two old water treatment plants.

Ritterman presented three options of what the city could do in regards to a pumphouse. The commission decided to pursue the construction of an entirely new pumphouse and suggested that Ritterman view the pumphouse that NRWD has located near Munich for an idea of a good layout.

The commission and Ritterman also discussed possible locations for the new pumphouse.   It was during this discussion that the commission expressed favor for having the older water treatment plant demolished to make way for the new pumphouse. The commission decided that if funding were available to have both old water treatment plants demolished to clean the area up and remove cost of upkeep for the buildings.

Ritterman went over funding for the project and stated that Moore Engineering felt that the USDA Rural Development loan option was the city’s best bet and would also present an opportunity later on for grant funding. The commission agreed and gave Ritterman direction to pursue what had been discussed during the special meeting.