Crossroads opens under new owners

A Langdon staple, Crossroads Restaurant, will be under new ownership and a new name as the new owners, Johnny Faile and Angel Willis, are set to begin a new chapter in the Langdon community as business owners.


Posted on 9/10/16

By Melissa Anderson

The restaurant opened to hungry patrons on September 7.

“We are the new owners & managers,” Angel Willis said,” Johnny will be cooking, and I will be serving tables to start.”

Faile, a Kentucky native, helped his son, Alek Faile, come to the area about four years ago to work and live. Recently, Faile’s son requested his father’s help, which brought him and fiancee Angel Willis, originally from Arkansas, from their previous location of Riverside County, California.

“We did not even expect to fall in love with this title town of Langdon, but that’s exactly what happened,” Willis said.

While walking around Langdon, the couple saw a ‘for sale’ sign on the Crossroads restaurant. Faile, having 18 years experience at being a chef and running a kitchen, and Willis, with over 20 years in all areas of the restaurant service including handling the accounting for six restaurants in the Palm Springs area, knew they had stumbled upon their calling.

“We decided to inquire about the place and met the best people, George and Lucille Phillips, who helped us make this happen,” Willis said.

Through the assistance of the previous owners, Faile and Willis officially took over and opened the Crossroads on September 7. With Faile at the grill and Willis serving, other staff include three of Willis’ children making the restaurant a true family affair.

“We have also hired five locals on to staff the restaurant,” Willis said.

With both Faile and Willis having full grown children with their own lives going on, the couple has made Langdon their new home

“And the restaurant is our  baby,” Willis shared.

Faile and Willis are planning on introducing a bit of California style dishes along with some Mexican style in their menu while still keeping local favorites.

“We figure a variety of styles is what Langdon needs,” Willis said.

The new owners have plans for upgrading the restaurant as funds allow. The two owners are looking at possibly adding a courtyard in front of the restaurant for outside eating during warmer months.

”Maybe even some entertainment on Friday & Saturday nights,” Willis shared.

The restaurants hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information please call 256-2750 to place your order for a great meal with California flare.