Cavalier County Commissioners met with short agenda

The Cavalier County Commission held a regular meeting on September 20 with a short agenda.


Posted on 9/24/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commission’s first item of business was to review the proposed timekeeping policy. The policy was suggested by HR Angela Plummer. The commission discussed the presented policy and which departments this was  most likely to affect. Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner explained that the Sheriff’s Department is recommended as being exempt to this policy as they already have a good timekeeping policy in place that would not be able to be absorbed into the proposed policy.

Other departments that already have timekeeping policies are the Cavalier County Public Health District and Cavalier County Social Services. Both of those departments have policies to be in compliance with the State. The commission decided that these two departments would keep two separate timesheets.

The commission discussed at length how best to implement the policy for the roadmen. The commission tabled the topic until all members of the commission could be present to vote on it.

The commission met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston next. Johnston presented the only bid the county received for a oil distributor which the commission accepted. Next, Johnston informed the commission of what he found in regards to traffic counters. The commission agreed that the counters presented would suit the needs of the county and asked Johnston to get an estimate for four counters to be used in the county.

The commission approved the hiring of two new roadmen for the county in Districts 2 and 3.

Johnston informed the commission that a truck that was being used is no longer safe to be used. The commission directed Johnston to discontinue use of that vehicle in favor of a new one .

Johnston presented an offer from Butler for a snowplow truck. The commission discussed the truck and what they were looking for. The commission decided to open the bidding process for a new snowplow truck.

The commission discussed the condition of County Road 24. Following the last meeting, commissioner Nick Moser checked the road and found that it was in good condition for travel.

The commission met with Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson. Pederson informed the commission that he has found a location for a chemical building and will be working on finalizing the purchase and hopes to begin the preparation of the site for the building.

Pederson explained that because of future guidelines that will be put in place the building  is required to have safety features in place because of the chemical storage aspect.

In Other Business

• The commission was informed that the Vanguard assessment of residential properties is not expected to begin until February or March of 2017.

• The commission approved a raffle permit for the Friendship Star Quilters Guild.

• The commission reviewed the budget for publication in the Cavalier County Republican. Gellner explained that the budget overall, only increased by $15,000 compared to last year’s budget.