District 10 State Legislature Candidates

The following are candidates up for election for District 10 positions of Representatives and Senator of the North Dakota State Legislature.


State Representative Candidates

Chuck Damschen (R) – Damschen is a lifelong citizen of Cavalier County, District 10, and North Dakota. He has lived on the family farm all of his life and operated it for nearly 40 years. He along with his wife, Alice, have three grown children: Naomi, Charlie and Gabrielle.

Damschen is no stranger to the Capitol building in Bismarck as he has served as  District 10 Representative in the past and is seeking re-election to his seat.

“First of all it has been an honor and privilege to serve as a District 10 Representative and I feel extremely honored to be elected to this position. Furthermore, I am seeking re-election because I believe my experience and leadership positions in the ND Legislature are beneficial to the citizens of District 10 and all of ND.”

“Experience and understanding of the budget process will be important as the next session will require significant spending reductions. There will undoubtedly be a number of significant policy issues that will be debated.”

Damschen understands that there is a lot of work ahead for the 2017 State legislatures as they grapple with revenue loss and the needs of the state.

“I want to remain aware of the needs of the people of District 10 and ND and see that those needs are met to the best of our ability in the legislature. I believe we need to continue funding for infrastructure and education while continuing to provide property tax subsidies and attempting to construct positive property tax reform.”

“I also believe we need to pass laws that protect people, business and religion from special interest groups. Ensuring that our schools have quality, locally approved curriculum in K-12 schools across the state and getting the state back in control of our educational system is a must. As always, I will continue to defend life at every stage of development.”

Elsie Magnus (D)- Magnus has a proven history of capability, based on her years of serving on the Cavalier County Commission, her success as a K-12 music educator in Cavalier and Pembina Counties, and her endorsement by North Dakota United, formerly North Dakota Education Association. Magnus has countless hours of volunteering through music at nursing homes, senior centers and fundraisers, as well as giving her prize-winning pickles and jellies to area auctions for charities.

“I wish to work with communities to ensure safe, reliable daycare. I have a passion for education, especially for those children left behind when Cavalier and Pembina Counties lost their Head Start programs.”

Magnus believes that music and arts must continue to be part of public school curriculum as we advance not just STEM in our state, but STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Preservation of the family farm is another of Magnus’ priorities. She will not support corporate farming, a direct opposite stand to one taken by one of the current Republican representatives as well as Doug Burgum.”

Magnus is concerned about the viability of the critical care hospitals, long-term care facilities in area communities and addiction treatment centers. “Funding, which is matched on several levels by the federal government, was lost with the cuts to human services,” Magnus said, “I heard good amendments preserving funding for human services in the proposed budget during the special session of the legislature, but they were not considered.”

“You know me, or at least you know of me, and therefore you know that I have my feet planted solidly on the ground and I’m ready to go to work for you, the constituents of District 10,” Magnus said

David Monson (R)– Monson was born in Langdon and grew up on the family farm near Osnabrock. Monson along with wife, Mary, has spent the majority of his life in Cavalier County as an educator and school administrator. Monson has also been active in the farming community. Monson has three sons and five grandchildren.

Monson has extensive experience as a North Dakota State Legislatore and is seeking re-election to his position as a District 10 Representative.

“There are a number of reasons, but first and foremost, with our ND economy the way it is and our projected revenue shortfalls, this is not a good time to have inexperienced people representing District 10 in Bismarck. It takes years to get the experience and gain the trust of the other legislators in order to get your bills passed. It takes years to attain leadership roles and become a committee chairman, especially on the House Appropriations Committee. Since I have attained that level of seniority and experience, I believe I can be the most effective voice for District 10 in Bismarck.”

“I will most likely be on the House Appropriations Committee again hopefully as chairman of the Education and Environment section. That committee is assigned numerous budgets very important to District 10 and the entire region. Most budgets (not K-12 education or Human Services) will start off with a 14% cut from the 2015-17 budget due to the allotment and the 90% budget target as set forth by Governor Dalrymple. Making sure we meet the needs of the citizens of ND while making more efficient budgets will be our big challenge in 2017. And, we’ll do it without a tax increase if I have my way.”

Daryl Passa (D)– Passa, along with wife Kate, are the proud grandparents of 12. A lifelong member of the Drayton community, Passa has farmed for 24 years, owned and operated a trucking company and a custom harvesting business, and worked in other areas of the agriculture industry.

“I am running for a seat in the ND House of Representatives because some serious issues are being ignored by our current representation. Families are struggling without adequate family and medical leave. When looking at caring for a sick or elderly family member or a new baby, many families can see no way to do it without losing a steady paycheck. Many families are calling for better options. I hear their voices.”

“When elected I look to achieve significant progress in family protection and support issues. These include enhanced family and medical leave, equal pay for equal work, childcare funding support, along with proper funding of pre-K-12 education. These are not just women’s issues anymore. These are men’s issues too. These are North Dakota’s values.”

“We vote for families. Join us.”

State Senate Candidates

Janne Myrdal (R) – Myrdal, along with her husband Mark and their children, live near Edinburg where they operate a family farm.  Myrdal, a native of Norway and now a U.S. citizen, has been involved in public policy issues since the early 1980s.

“I’m motivated to run for the District 10 Senate seat in order to assure our children have a bright and secure future in North Dakota. Our state needs a conservative course correction, knowing when to tighten our belt, safeguard the future and yet responsibly provide for current needs. We must have leadership that understands the cyclical nature of our commodity based economy. I will provide consistent, proven and experienced leadership built on conservative principles and extensive legislative experience from an outside common sense perspective.”

“If I am honored to be elected as your senator I will work to protect and grow our innovative and diverse agricultural industry, bring a conservative voice to assure sustainable spending, improve and protect local control of K-12 education, support the development of our energy resources,  oppose regulations that threaten small businesses, consistently vote pro-life and bring unwavering protection of religious liberties and Second Amendment rights.”

Quentin Wenzel (D) – Wenzel has lived in District 10 for the majority of his life. Born and raised in Langdon, he attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN where he double majored in Business Finance and Political Science and continued his education at the University of North Dakota School of Law receiving his law degree. Wenzel returned to Langdon shortly after he was admitted to the North Dakota State Bar and began working with Cameron Sillers in April 2013 and became a partner in 2015.

“The primary reason that I decided to run for Senate in District 10 is that I feel that the current members of our state legislature have failed the citizens of our state. The current budget crisis that our state is in is evidence of this.

“We need leaders who will prioritize spending and keep our communities safe and strong under the current limitations imposed by our state budget. If elected, that is exactly what I will do.”

One main issue that is of critical importance to Wenzel is that there is a lack of accountability among the majority of the current state legislators.

“I feel that our current Republican lead legislature was so busy patting themselves on the back for our previously robust state economy that they failed to foresee and plan for the inevitable drop in oil prices which has largely lead to our state’s current deficit. This is unacceptable, and I will bring a tireless work effort to Bismarck. I will continue to represent the needs of the residents of our district and our state, regardless of the circumstances. I will provide the residents of District 10 a voice that they can be proud of and voice that they can trust in Bismarck.”