Spotlight on business

Quality Specialty Products & Printing owner Karla Rademacher has been “upping the ante” at her business all summer and is now looking at adding another reason to visit her business.


Posted on 10/8/16

By Melissa Anderson

Hot on the heels of adding her “Coffee and Cuisine” nights to allow customers to sample many of the yummy treats that are rotated onto the menu, Rademacher and her staff have added Quality’s Cuisine Sabotage, coming to QSP&P on October 24 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

“My staff and I were trying to think about the next Coffee and Cuisine night, and our conversation wondered a bit, and we came up with this idea,” Rademacher explained, “We all loved it, and we are excited to make it happen.”

Quality’s Cuisine Sabotage will provide not only entertainment for those watching but also provide an exciting challenge for those who love to cook.

“It’s like those food challenge type shows that create food sculptures with some sabotage added in,” Rademacher explained.

The challenge will consist of four teams of three, with each  team given the task of creating a food sculpture from the materials given them. Oh, and for some added fun, the teams won’t know what the materials or theme is until the master of ceremonies, Wyatt Gage, says “go”.

“While trying to build the sculpture, there will be some sabotages along the way,” Rademacher said, “The Audience will also help decide one of the sabotages.”

After the competition bell rings, the teams will then have to move their food sculptures to the main room to be judged. A panel of three judges will decide the winners of the competition.

For the judging team,  Rademacher has enlisted some of Langdon’s finest for the event in the form of Patricia Wheeler, Tonia Olson, and Steve Anderson. These three will have the hard task of deciding who rose to the cuisine challenge and deserves the trophy.

While the teams are hard at work creating their food sculpture masterpieces, Simmons Multimedia will be broadcasting live through all four stations from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

“They will have the Plinko wheel and we will have it loaded up with prizes,” Rademacher said.

For those in attendance, watching the teams working will be made easier with the help of a large screen TV and projector for better viewing of the competition courtesy of tech expert for the event, Dawson Shefter.

“We invite everyone to stop down and watch the competition. It is a family friendly event,” Rademacher stated.

QSP&P doesn’t want anyone to be left with rumbling tummies during the challenge. Rademacher and her staff will be serving Taco Nacho Salad, Burrito Supreme, Churros, and a selection of yummy baked goodies as well as delicious coffee drinks and ice rages.

Rademacher is holding a drawing for two VIP seats at Quality Specialty Products & Printing so be sure to stop in and register. Winners will have front row seats to see the action of the night along with a beverage and meal to enjoy while they witness the battle.

Deadline to include yourself and two teammates in the challenge of Cuisine Sabotage is October 22 or when all slots are filled. Team slots are filling fast with one team already signed up and ready to sabotage their way to victory. Registration is $100 per team, due at time of registration and teams can pick out a team name.

“I’ve loved helping out with events for Langdon for the past few years and now that I have a bigger, new location for the store, why not do some really fun events here?” Rademacher said, “This is going to be a really big and fun event. I hope you have a terrific time either watching or being on a team!”