Langdon Area School District board meeting

The Langdon Area School District board held their monthly meeting on Monday, October 10.


Posted on 10/15/16

By Melissa Anderson

The board first heard the administrator’s reports from LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson as well as asking for updates from Langdon Area High School Principal Daryl Timian and Langdon Area Elementary School Principal Todd Hetler.

The board was interested to learn that LAES 3rd grade teacher Mr. Preble is looking into ways to fundraise for kindles in his classroom. The board and administrators discussed different options that could be pursued should Preble need any additional funding for the proposal. The board also learned that Hetler will be offering a split contract to two individuals for the math interventionist position.

The board approved staff contracts for speech coach for Jordan Braunberger and Ashley Hennings. The two will split the duties of speech coach.

The board and Christianson reviewed the ITV contract with NESC. The board discussed at length what had been done in the past in regards to services before deciding and approving to continue with services that were approved in the past.

Board member Dave Hart gave an update on behalf of the activities committee. The committee met recently with all of the extra curricular coaches to go over the school’s policy in regards to student athletes appearances, including hair and dress. Hart explained the reason for the policy reminder was just so all the coaches would be on the same page and understand what is expected of all LASD extra curricular participants.

The committee also explained recent changes to the North Dakota High School Athletics Association (NDHSAA) in regards to gifts to athletes. The NDHSAA has recently updated their policy to set a limit to the amount of gifts that student athletes can receive.

The committee also informed the rest of the board that the extra curricular teams that use the gym have asked that when the facility is rented that those who rent be reminded to leave it as it was found or risk losing the ability to use the school’s facilities.

In Other Business

• The LASD board meeting’s location has been changed from the board room to the library.

• The board approved the final levy request.

• The board received an update regarding the state audit of the district from LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer. Eisenzimmer informed the board that the preliminary work has been completed, and the audit, in its entirety, should be done by the end of the month.

• The board approved a non-tuition agreement for a pre-school student to attend in Cavalier.

• The board discussed the upcoming state school board convention as well as the national convention and who among the board would be attending.