Spotlight on community

Area photographer Janet Schill was getting into the Halloween spirit a little early this year as she was the set photographer for the hit Travel Channel reality show, Ghost Adventures, during the week of October 10.


Posted on 10/15/16

By Melissa Anderson

“It was the experience of a lifetime. How many opportunities do you have where someone calls you out of the blue and says I’m so and so from the Travel Channel, and we want to hire you?” Schill said.

The show was exploring the San Haven Sanatorium, a former treatment facility for those who contracted tuberculosis(TB). The facility went through a series of uses until it was ordered closed by the State in 1987 after accusations and lawsuits arose concerning mistreatment of patients by the staff.

“It was pretty cool. I was just supposed to take pictures of the building, the environment, the landscape, and I did a couple of posed shots with the main guys,” Schill said of her time on set.

Schill was even coached into being an extra for the show. The show used many locals in the production of the show, including individuals from the community theater and children from the area schools.

“I was there when they were filming one of the kids, and they wanted to do this other shot, but the producer decided he didn’t want a child in that scene,” Schill explained, “We were up on the third floor, and they needed an adult, and I was just wondering around the room.”

Schill had only good things to say about her experience working with the production. The crew she worked with from the production crew and film were really nice people and very fun to work with.

“It was a good experience.  It was fun, and it was different.  If they film in ND again, I would be glad to work with them,” Schill stated.