Cavalier County Commissioners hear department updates

The Cavalier County Commissioners held a regular meeting with a light agenda on Tuesday, October 18.


Posted on 10/22/16

By Melissa Anderson

The commissioners first met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston.

Johnston informed the commission the Brickmine Bridge project bidding process was closed and that the winning bid came from Industrial Builders. Johnston and the commission then discussed the purchasing of traffic counters for the county to use on roads. Johnston informed the commission of the estimate he received for the equipment and the commission approved the purchasing of the counters as a means of justifying where the commission spends money in regards to road maintenance.

Johnston and the commission then reviewed the idea of purchasing a new snow plow truck. The commission compared a state bid and what Butler Machinery had proposed. The commission asked Johnston to pursue options with Butler in regards to the purchasing options that the county has.

The commission then met with Mark Schneider, who was present on behalf of Dresden Township to request reimbursement for maintenance of a township road that was traveled heavily as a result of the Wales bridge project not being completed in time for harvest traffic. After extensive discussion, the commission ultimately denied the request.

The commission heard updates from several county department heads. The first was Cavalier County Job Development Authority(CCJDA) Director Shannon Duerr. Duerr updated the commission on several projects currently underway in her department including the conclusion of the  Brownsfield grant, a proposed plan to help increase the number of EMTs for the Langdon Ambulance, and the creation of a foundation to manage the Frost Fire Ski Resort. Duerr also went over projects such as ways the CCJDA is looking to improve the tourism potential of the area and the requirements the department has for potential new businesses to meet in order to receive funding.

The commission met with Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson to review his season. Pederson informed the commission that over the 2016 season he and his crew sprayed close to 4,000 acres in Cavalier County. Pederson also updated the commission on the new weed control building location. Commissioner Stanley Dick was particularly interested in discussing what Pederson and the county can do to work with Game and Fish to control weeds on federal lands.

Cavalier County Emergency Manager Karen Kempert informed the commission on where her department was at in incorporating the Next Generation 911 and how it was working for the county. Kempert also explained how the Text to 911 worked and was going. She also discussed the grants that various emergency services applied for and were approved.

Shauna Schneider gave a department update on behalf of the Cavalier County Water Board. Schneider went over the season at Mt. Carmel Dam in regards to the number of campers, which was down. Schneider is currently working on mapping basins in order to create a shapefile to assist in tax assessment. Schneider also went over the projects that the water board will pursue next year including planting trees and a new boat dock.

The last department update came from the Cavalier County Courthouse Maintenance. Terry Girodat updated the commission on the asbestos abatement of the courthouse. Once this is done, Girodat plans to review the pipes in the basement to determine if any are repairable. The bids to update the heating system in the courthouse are also in and soon to be reviewed.

The commission met with Tom Valentine to discuss the review of a right of way decision made previously. Valentine provided evidence from the state showing that right of ways are exempt. The commission stated that they wanted to have direction from the state in regards to how to rectify the previous decision. The issue was tabled until the county receives word from the state on how to handle this correctly.

In Other Business

• The commission approved a raffle permit for Our Lady of Preservation.

• The commission met with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz. Lafrenz requested that her assistant be given permanent position status in December of 2016 rather than January of 2017 so that she can apply for health insurance during the open enrollment period. The commission approved the request.

• The commission set the sale prices of the properties going up for auction at the upcoming tax sale.