Langdon City Commission discusses projects, conduct business

The Langdon City Commission met on Monday, October 24 to discuss on-going projects that the city is working on.


Posted 10/29/2016

By Melissa Anderson

The commission held another review of the contract between the City of Langdon and Northeast Regional Water District(NRWD) concerning the agreement for purchase and delivery of water. Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman along with Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel stated that there were three or four paragraphs that were concerning to them in regards to vagueness and a need for better clarity. Jeremy Schuler, NRWD Branch Manager in Langdon, discussed the specific paragraphs with the commission, Ritterman, and Wenzel.  After discussion the decision was made to try and finalize the contract sometime the week of October 31 by holding a special meeting.

Ritterman than brought forward the updates regarding Moore’s search for funding options for the city. Currently, Moore is looking into finding the necessary $4.8 million of interim funding to float the city during the course of the construction to disperse Devils Lake water throughtout the city. These funds are necessary until the USDA Rural Development loan funds are given to the city at the end of the project.

Ritterman said that Moore is hopeful to have pumphouse plans to present to the commission by their next meeting and that at this time, the budget includes the demolition of both water treatment plants.

Ritterman then reviewed where Moore was in terms of applying for funding for the sewer, water, and storm drain systems repair and replacement project. Ritterman stated that the total cost fo the project is nearly $9.9 million. USDA Rural Development at the state level requested the project be split into two phases to make it easier to approve funding.

The commission and Ritterman reviewed the proposed city blocks that would be included in the restructured project of phase one.

Following Ritterman’s update the commission discussed Renaissance Zone applications that were received. Langdon Deputy Auditor Frankie Gamez explained that one of the applications that had been approved would need to be completely re-done. The other application submitted was for a property on Main Steet. The owner plans to move his contruction business office into it as well as have three apartments upstairs. The commission approved application pending letter of good standing from the state.

In Other Business

• During his department report, Rob Gilseth informed the commission that the city is in need of new street sweepers as the current two are near the end of their use.

• Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch discussed the number of vehicles and trailers that are being left to sit on city streets. The commission, Gilseth and Fetsch were all concerned that with winter fast approaching, once snow falls the ability to move the vehicles will be gone. The discussion turned to what the city and police department can do to curb the growing trend.

• The commission approved a catering permit for the Eagles.