Cavalier County Commisson meeting

The Cavalier County Commission conducted business during their regular meeting held on November 1.

ccrPosted 11/05/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The commission met with representatives of Cavalier County Job Development Authority, North Central Planning Council, and Red River Regional Council to discuss the three organizations work with ensuring that hallmark of the area, Frost Fire Ski Resort, stays open for years to come. Dawn Keeley, Executive Director for Red River Regional Council, gave the commission an overview of the three organizations’ plans and current progress on ensuring the longevity of the resort, it’s attractions, as well as future plans to attract more to the area.
The organizations have created the Pembina Gorge Foundation as a means of running the resort as a non-profit in the future. Keeley also discussed the efforts being made by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department to assist in the long-term. The goal of the group is to build the revenue to make the resort a sustainable attraction as well as build on the current amenities offered.
Keeley requested that the Cavalier County Commission be the holder of grant funds that the group receives for Frost Fire. The commission agreed to the request.
Cavalier County Clerk of Court Anita Beauchamp informed the commission that she is in need of funds to preserve the probate records, which must be kept for 100 years. Beauchamp explained that the records have been recorded on very thin paper and are in danger of being damaged.  Traditional scanning is not an option, and Beauchamp stated that there is a grant she would like to apply for to cover the majority of the cost of preservation. The commission agreed and approved the application.
Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz along with Tom Valentine and Mark Schneider, members of the Cavalier County Soils Committee gave a report.  Lafrenz gave an update on what the soils committee has done in regards to re-developing the soils committee policy manual and also informed the commission that the soils committee has rearranged the soil districts to coincide with the county commission districts. The committee recommended to the commission to remove all soil modifiers on all the land in the county and start over. This will start the county from scratch in regards to modifiers as landowners will present their case for modifiers to assessors and township supervisors before being recorded by the tax director. The entire process will follow the same format as equalization.
Lisa Buchweitz was present and gave her advice, as a current assessor, and explained some other options that the county and the soils committee could pursue.
The commission accepted the soils committee recommendation to remove all modifiers on land in Cavalier County and start the process over.
Valentine also asked the commission about road right of ways. The commission stated that they would like the soils committee to work on that and that it would be addressed in 2018.
Commissioner Stanley Dick addressed Lafrenz about omitted parcels. Dick and the rest of the commission directed Lafrenz to add all omitted parcels in Cavalier County to the tax roll for 2016.
In Other Business
• Cavalier County Treasurer Cindy Stremick informed the commission that a CD was coming due.
• Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson gave an update on the progress that is being made for a new weed control building. Pederson also discussed options of decreasing the size of the weed board from seven members down to five.
• The commission continued discussion on timekeeping methods for the Cavalier County roadmen. The commission discussed at length the expectations of work for the roadmen and how to develop a uniform policy for that specific group of employees.