Langdon Area School District board meeting

The Langdon Area School District board held their regularly scheduled meeting for the month of November on Monday the 14th.

ccrPosted 11/19/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The board heard updates from LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson on what has been happening at the school for the past month. Langdon Area High School Principal Daryl Timian also shared what the high school staff has been doing to improve themselves.
During old business, LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer informed the board that the annual audit was still not completed but would hopefully be done by next meeting.
The board members who attend the North Dakota School Boards Association convention shared that they were very impressed with the keynote speaker this year and that there were many worthwhile presentations that they felt provided valuable information for the board to utilize.
The board moved onto new business and went over the superintendent evaluation. The board and Christianson discussed at length what they felt were his strengths and what he had been able to accomplish thus far as the LASD superintendent. The board also asked what Christianson felt the board could do to support him and the rest of the staff more, and he explained the importance of following the chain of command in regards to issues or complaints and the need to respect that.
The board gave Christianson a satisfactory evaluation.
Eisenzimmer then reported on an issue she had found with the Teachers Fund For Retirement (TFFR). Eisenzimmer stated that while doing a review she had found three contracts that had not been getting deductions taken out for TFFR. These contracts were for teachers who were hired as coaches from outside the district, and the deductions accumulated to a total of over $4,500 that the school must pay into TFFR. Eisenzimmer requested that TFFR audit the 2016 contracts to ensure that none of those contracts have been re-miss in being deducted. Typically, the deductions are taken out of the teacher’s pay and the school matches a percentage. The board decided to wait and see the results of the TFFR audit before deciding whether or not to ask that the teacher/coaches who were not having their checks deducted correctly help cover the cost or not.
The board reviewed the two contracts for the Math Interventionist position at the elementary school. One contract will go until the other teacher can take over the position. The contracts were approved.
In Other Business
• Acknowledged receipt of a home school letter of intent.
• LASD Board President Warren Jonasson informed the other members of the board that mediation has been completed and the school’s legal council will bring the tentative mediation paperwork for board approval in the near future.