Langdon City Commission conduct business

The Langdon City Commission held a regular meeting on Monday, November 14.

ccrPosted 11/19/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The commission met first with Carol Goodman of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority (CCJDA) as she presented a request for the City of Langdon to work with the CCJDA in regards to creating a Master Plan for the city and the surrounding communities in the county.
Goodman expanded her presentation to explain that over the past few years, the CCJDA has reviewed possible opportunities for community development and has found each time that there were insufficient housing and infrastructure to meet the demands those opportunities would have.
Goodman asked that while CCJDA is still in the drafting process of the Master Plan, the City of Langdon assist with the process by reviewing their ordinances, appearances, etc.
Goodman and the CCJDA board would also like to see the City of Langdon work on the Master Plan by assisting with funding for getting technical expertise such as land surveying provided by Fischer Land Surveying when the time comes. Goodman stated that while engineering is not expected at this time, it is also not out of the question.  The commission approved the requests regarding the Master Plan process brought forward by Goodman on behalf of the CCJDA.
CCJDA Executive Director Shannon Duerr was next on the agenda and had three items to discuss with the commission. Duerr’s first item was in regards to a loan that was given to Judith Johnson at Frost Fire. Duerr explained that the CCJDA board had voted to forgive a loan in the amount of $7,154 and convert it to a grant. The second request was that, due to the number of interested individuals in the EMT training course, the CCJDA was requesting an additional $6,000 to cover the cost. Originally, the number had been set at 10, but with so much interest, the current number of applicants is at 13 with enough textbooks ordered for 16 individuals to take the class.
The third request was for a loan made on behalf of Kyle Moen. Moen has purchased a property on main street and has plans to utilize the space as an office, apartments, and a mechanics shop.
All three requests put forward by Duerr were accepted and approved by the commission.
In Other Business
• The Red River Valley Water Project presented a buy-in fee.  The commission reviewed the request and history of the project and approved paying the continued buy-in for the project.
• Quality Specialty Products and Printing was approved for a liquor license.
• The commission approved a fireworks permit for the Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce.
• The commission approved a catering license for Sporty’s.