Jake’s take on sports

Greetings from Williston, North Dakota


Posted 12/03/2016

By Jake Kulland
We come to you this week from the snowy Williston Basin, where we took my Dad to a plane to get out of here for a couple of months.  It hasn’t snowed as much as just east and south of here, but it is white.  They say six inches in Williston but that seems to be a bit high of an estimate (which leads into the question, how do they give an honest estimate of snow amounts?)  It’s a lot more tricky than just checking your rain gauge.  Weather people do their best, but they always seem to go high.  Anyway, the Minot area seems to have gotten the worst of everything (Many out that way are calling it a “Snow Pit” or other words that aren’t fit to print.) with almost two feet of snow in around three days.  It’s pretty rare for Minot, Bismarck and Dickinson to all call off school, but it happened on Nov. 30.  Williston had some ice before the snow.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is driving on ice with people from Texas, Louisiana and other southern states. Despite the oil downturn, there are plenty of those folks around out here. They have no idea what they are doing.  They don’t seem to understand that cruise control is a no-no and to slow down. I’ve seen many accidents with license plates not from North Dakota or Montana.  No matter what we get for weather for the rest of the winter, at least we got through most of November without too much trouble. Hopefully now we can ride through three months and warm things up again in March.
Turning up the heat on winter sports
December means that the real chaos begins for the winter sports season.  Some highlights in the week ahead include, Lady Cards girls basketball team hosting the second ranked Park River-Fordville-Lankin Aggies on Dec. 9.  Also on that evening the Langdon-Edmore-Munich boys team will begin their season on the road at Towner versus Towner-Granville-Upham.  The boys will have their first home game Dec. 13 versus Midway-Minto.  It should be noted that the Cardinals girls and boys each have just one home game before the Christmas break, so we encourage you to get out and see them play in person.  The boys also are playing a preseason scrimmage at Grafton on Dec. 3.  Meanwhile, the Langdon Blades junior gold and girls teams are ramping up as well.  The weekend of Dec. 9-11, the junior gold team will be at a jamboree in Watford City (where they have built a new rink that I’m told is fabulous), while the girls Blades will officially open up their league season with games at Fargo, Wahpeton and West Fargo.  Both teams’ next home games for the girls and the boys are versus the Richland Rangers on Dec. 16 at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. respectively.  We wish all of these teams good luck in their coming games.
Injuries catching up to our Vikes
We will leave by saying a quick word about the fleeting playoff hopes for our beloved Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes lost another tough, close game at Detroit on Thanksgiving Day and now find themselves currently out of the playoff picture.  They are only a game off the pace, however, but having now nine important players on the injured reserve list is starting to take its toll.  While there is still hope that savior Adrian Peterson will make a late return to the team, (he’s recovering ahead of schedule from knee surgery, so Coach Zimmer says), it may be too late by then.  Kind of, sort of good news is that the Vikings have only been blown out once in their now five losses. Let’s hope they can figure out how to win close games, or we fans will be looking forward to next year.
“See ya!” next week!