Langdon City Commission conducts business at meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a regular meeting on Monday, November 28 to conduct business and hear department reports.

ccrPosted 12/03/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The first item of business that the commission attended to was an abatement request submitted by Mark Geffers. Geffers’ abatement request for 2014 outlined several reasons why he felt his home was over assessed in value.
Langdon City Assessor Jeff Ratzlaff viewed the property and noted that there were two errors on the original assessment done by then Langdon City Assessor Mel Carsen. Ratzlaff went over the review of property and presented the reasons he felt an abatement amounting to $8,000 was adequate.
Ratzlaff also noted that information and an abatement given by the Cavalier County Commission during their equalization hearing would need to be corrected as well for 2015 and 2016.
The commission heard from Geffers who presented evidence that his property has seen substantial increases in value over the past several years for no apparent reason and cited this as concerning. The commission acknowledged that property values have increased drastically in the last few years.
Ratzlaff stated that the city commission would only be giving the county, which has final say on the approval of the abatement request, their recommendation. The commission approved the abatement request contingent upon the county also correcting the value for 2015 and 2016.
The commission reviewed a proposal for test bores to be done by Braun Intertec. After some discussion of the work that would be done by the company, the commission approved the proposal.
Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel informed the commission that after reviewing city ordinances, a property that was originally set to be sold to the county first needs to have a resolution put forward and approved followed by a bidding process for that property.
The commission approved the resolution and opened the property to be bid upon by interested individuals.
In Other Business
• The commission reviewed a fireworks permit request put forward by Langdon’s General Store. The commission discussed  if the fire marshal and police department had given permission for the fireworks to be on premises which owner, Marie Chaput, stated they had. The commission approved the permit.
• Cavalier County notified the city that there were properties available for sale to the city following the county tax sale. Langdon City Superintendent Rob Gilseth asked to review the list to determine if any of the properties were located in strategic spots for snow removal. The commission tabled the issue until Gilseth could review and give his opinion.
• Commissioner Lawrence Henry informed the commission that  Rural Development had a 1 percent grant that could be applied for on behalf of the fire hall for needed updates. The commission stated they would be interested in pursuing the grant and would take it under consideration.