NRWD-City of Langdon water project slated for fall 2017 completion

Following the overwhelming support from city residents in votes cast in the June primary to transfer the source for the municipal water supply from Mt. Carmel Dam to the City of Devils Lake, Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) and Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S) have begun the construction of the pipeline that will bring the already treated water from Devils Lake to Langdon.

construction2Posted 12/03/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The total length of pipeline being constructed by NRWD for their portion of the project consists of 100 miles of new pipeline ranging from 6 to 16-inch width pipe, one metering station located near Devils Lake, one 500,000 gallon reservoir booster station located near Starkweather, one 500,000 gallon reservoir located south of Nekoma and a meter/booster station located at the existing City of Langdon water treatment plant.
“Of the 100 miles of new pipeline, 70 of those miles will convey water from Devils Lake to Langdon,” Geoff Slick, project manager for AE2S, said.
At time of print, the pipeline is in the bidding phase with the project set to be awarded in December and construction to begin in the spring of 2017.
“The pipeline bids came in favorable and under the engineer’s estimate,” Slick stated, “The facilities portion of the contract is currently in progress at the 500,000 gallon reservoir south of Nekoma with the foundation and reservoir walls poured.”
Similar to the pipeline portion of the project, the site north of Starkweather will not begin construction until spring of 2017.  Currently, all water purchase agreements between Devils Lake, NRWD, and Langdon have been approved by each of the city councils and district boards.
With the agreements completed, the City of Langdon’s engineering firm, Moore Engineering of Fargo, is finishing up the design plans final specifications for the City of Langdon portion of the project including the pump station. Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman explained that the firm has preliminary items done such as plans for the layout of the new pump station and anticipates the approval of those plans by the Langdon City Commission early in December along with authorization for the bidding process to be opened at the end of January.
“We will get a contractor online and be ready to go in the spring,” Ritterman said, “We would like to have the pump station completed by fall 2017 and allow the city to begin utilizing the water then.”
The City of Langdon will take the steps necessary to ensure that the residents of Langdon can adequately be served with water acquired from NRWD/Devils Lake.  Necessary steps may include flushing of the distribution system, cleaning of existing reservoirs, and water sampling to ensure the water meets all standards.  The city will also have to complete and put online a metering/booster station above their existing clear well at the City of Langdon Water Treatment Plant.
The construction timeline that Moore has is similar to that of AE2S with the goal being to have both projects completed around the same time to allow residents of Langdon and customers of NRWD access to the new water source.
Ritterman explained that for Langdon residents, the flushing of the water distribution system will need be done, and the system will undergo a series of flushings to remove the old water from the system as well as removal of any debris that may be in the pipes. This will be completed in sections through the flushing of the fire hydrants onto the streets.
“We will clean out the system and get it prepped and ready for the new water,” Ritterman said.
NRWD and AE2S are working on the majority of the pipeline,  and so long as the weather is favorable, the pipeline to Langdon is slated to be substantially complete and operational by the fall of 2017.  This will bring water to the doorstep of Langdon, and the delivery of water to Langdon reservoir is slated to be complete by the fall of 2017, with total project completion slated for the fall of 2018.
It is not only the City of Langdon residents eagerly anticipating the arrival of new water but also NRWD customers. NRWD goal is to deliver water to most, if not all, of the Langdon Rural Water District branch of the NRWD system by the fall of 2017. Current proposals of service have the entire LRWD branch of NRWD to be serviced with Devils Lake water by the fall of 2017/spring of 2018.
The City of Langdon, City of Devils Lake and NRWD are all currently involved in this project, but another municipality may be joining the regional project. Currently, NRWD is working with the City of Cando to have them join the regional system as well.  On October 3rd the Cando City Council approved with a 5-0 vote to put an ordinance to a vote of the people to join NRWD.  The public vote is slated for December 6th.
“By Cando joining the regional system, Langdon’s allotted water capacity would remain the same,” Slick stated, “The addition of Cando to the regional system would increase efficiency providing a more economical project and making the project more feasible for everyone involved.”
The residents of the City of Langdon and customers of NRWD’s Langdon Rural Water District branch have a lot to look forward to next fall with the completion of the project and the new source of water begins running through area taps.