Langdon Area School District board meeting

The Langdon Area School District(LASD) board held their regular meeting for the month of December on Monday, the 12th.

Posted 12/17/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The board’s first order of business was to address a letter of correspondence that was received from a representative of North Dakota United, the state’s largest teachers union for public school teachers. The letter issued several concerns regarding the school district’s handling of recent financial issues. The representative called for outside financial review to look into the school’s finances.
LASD Business Manager Kensi Eisenzimmer and LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson addressed the board by stating that they have addressed all the points that were in the correspondence by having a more thorough audit completed on the school’s books, bringing a retired business manager from Cavalier in to assist Eisenzimmer when needed, and also requesting that TFFR conduct an audit on the school as well to ensure all issues and potential issues are remedied. The board supported responding with that information.
Christianson gave his superintendent report and informed the board he has joined the Cavalier County Extension Service Advisory Council as a means to add the education perspective. Christianson also mentioned his, the administrative staff and the instructional coach’s efforts to help teachers better connect to their students.
Technology coordinator Jayla Askvig presented a request for approval to apply for a build grant to purchase additional ipads and baskets to add to the technology cart and ipads purchased last year with the same grant. Askvig explained that this time around, the grant process is a little different as the grant is for $5,000 and does not require matching funds. Total cost for the purchase of additional ipads and baskets is roughly $8,000.
Askvig has already approached the LASD Foundation, and they voiced financial support for the endeavor. The board approved the application and should the grant application be turned down, will discuss options with Askvig about purchasing the ipads outright.
Christianson presented the opportunity for LASD to join the North Dakota Small Organized Schools (NDSOS) which is a lobbyist for small rural schools such as LASD. Christianson spoke adamantly in support of joining the organization as he has concerns about the upcoming legislative session and how it could impact small rural schools such as LASD. The board approved joining NDSOS.
LASD Board President Warren Jonasson presented his research into purchasing a new marquis sign for in front of the high school. Jonasson found two providers, Indigo Signs and Stewart Signs. Jonasson showed the board the two options as well as what was included with the purchase. Indigo Signs offered a 7 foot by 6.5 foot sign with installation and various lengths of guarantees at $20,000. Stewart Signs would not install the sign but offered a 6 foot by 8 foot sign with various guarantees at $12,000.
The board preferred the sign and terms of Stewart signs but will contact other schools and businesses in the area that have a Stewart Sign for input.
In Other Business
• The taxable evaluation and mill levy report was presented and approved. The school is receiving 60.90 mills in their general which amounts to roughly $2 million, 5.93 mills for the miscellaneous fund which is around $200,000 and, finally, 3 mills for the building fund. With the school receiving just over 60 mills from the county, LASD is within the state mandates to receive state funding.
• A maternity leave request for 12 weeks under FMLA was approved.
• Acknowledged a home school letter of intent.