Langdon City Commission meeting

The Langdon City Commission had a short agenda but was full of discussion points during their meeting held on December 12.

Posted 12/17/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The commission’s first item of discussion was a correspondence issue in regards to the quotes for televising the sewer and water systems of Langdon. The commission discussed the issue of having the quotes come in under the $100,000 threshold that would not require the work to be bid. Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman was present and discussed options that the city had in ways the work could be done in order to stay under that threshold. After much discussion the commission decided to bid out the project and see where the bids come in at.
The commission reviewed the recommendations made by City Superintendent Rob Gilseth in regards to purchashing the parcels made available by the tax sale held by the county last month. Gilseth advised that there were several lots that would be ideal for snow removal  and that the mowing during summer would not be an issue. The commission approved the purchase of the parcels from the county at $1 per parcel plus the recording fee.
Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Paul Podhradsky addressed the commission with concerns about the snow removal following the blizzard early in the week of December 5.
Podhradsky stated that following his efforts to clear his driveway to allow him to be avaiable for calls, the city snow removal crew came by and moved a large amount of snow up to five feet high into the exit of his driveway making it impossible for him to leave with his cruiser.
Podhradsky asked the commission to try and find a way to mitigate the snow piling up in front of first responders and police force driveways so that those who are on call can respond should a call come in.
The commission stated that they would speak with the city street crews to try and resolve the issue but cautioned that they cannot show favoritism and would like the sheriff’s department to work with the city  by letting them know ahead of time who is scheduled to be on call.  Podhradsky said that the first responders and the sheriff’s department would be more than happy to work with the city to ensure that those who are on call have the ability to respond.
The commission’s final item of business was discussing and signing documents for Ritterman in regards to the financial aspect of the water project and finalizing the plans for the pump station that is going to be built.
Ritterman presented and explained two documents that needed to be signed for the financial loans being taken out to fund the project in the interim before the loans are given by USDA Rural Development. The two documents were approved and signed.
The commission discussed which area bank would be used to hold the funds when they come in, and Farmers and Merchants State Bank was chosen.
The commission moved on to review the layout of the pump station that Ritterman had. The commission approved the layout and discussed other items associated with the pump station such as the demolotion of the current and old water treatment plant, storage options for the items currently within the two water treatment plants, the source of heat that will be used within the new pump station as well as electrical back up options within the pump station.
Ritterman took the suggestions and requests and will present a final plan for the pump station at the next commission meeting on December 27.
In Other Business
• The commission reviewed and approved the applications for 2017 liquor licenses.
• The commission met with David Nadeau who is looking into having a firearms cleaning business in his garage. Nadeau stated that he had all of the necessary paperwork completed but decided to hold on the project until after Christmas.
• The Langdon Sanitation Department wishes to remind businesses and individuals to keep dumpsters clear of snow to allow for access by the garbage truck.