New Cavalier County Commissioners sworn in

The Cavalier County Commission held their re-scheduled meeting on Thursday, December 8 following their regular meeting date cancellation due to the blizzard.

Posted 12/17/2016

By Melissa Anderson
Newly elected commissioner Dave Zeis and re-elected commissioner Rick Ring took their oath of office before their fellow commissioners. The commission also approved Nick Moser becoming commission chair and Stanley Dick as vice chair.
The commission moved forward with their business to discuss the purpose and need for commissioner portfolios. The commission reviewed what was within each portfolio and the reason for each commissioner to be the contact point for departments within Cavalier County.
The purpose for a commissioner to be the contact point for each department is also so that the commissioner can give an annual review for those non-elected department heads.  The commission agreed that the system was to the benefit of the employees and commission as it kept communication channels open.
These are the department  assignments: VSO – Richard Ring;  Emergency Manager – Nick Moser; Clerk of Court – Elsie Magnus; Maintenance – Richard Ring; Tax Director – Stanley Dick; Weed Officer – Nick Moser; Auditor – Commission Chair; Treasurer – Stanley Dick; Recorder – Elsie Magnus; Sheriff – Richard Ring; State’s Attorney – David Zeis; Public Health – Richard Ring; County Agent – Stanley Dick.
The districts remained the same amongst the commissioners, with Zeis taking over  District 4 which was under former county commissioner Tom Borgen.
The commission moved on to board appointments that required a commissioner. There were two open seats, one for the social services board and the other for the Cavalier County Job Development Authority. Zeis volunteered to be on the social services board and Commissioner Elsie Magnus stated her desire to be on the JDA board. Both commissioners were approved for the respective seats.
The commission then reviewed the list of those who wish to be appointed to open  positions on the following boards: water board, soils committee, weed board, public health board, library board, social welfare board, and North Central Planning Council.  The commission passed the list as presented: Water Board – Chuck Damschen & Van Howatt; Soils Committee – Lisa Jacobson & Lisa Buchweitz; Weed Board – Mark Schneider & Steve Ratzlaff; Public Health Board – Michele Schommer; Library Board – Jeremy Schuler & Daniel Grover; Social Welfare – Richard Flanders; North Central Planning – Harold Nowatzki.
The board reviewed the appointment to the position of Cavalier County Coroner and approved Dr. Didrikson of the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital.
The board reviewed the purpose and members on the zoning board. Stanley Dick and Rick Ring both expressed interest in being on that board and current board members, Nick Moser and Elsie Magnus, stepped down to allow Dick and Ring to have those seats.
In Other Business
• During open discussion Dick brought forward the issue of compensation to those who are on boards. The commission reviewed which boards were receiving compensation and what kind. The decision was made to compensate those on the zoning board $45 per meeting.
•The commission reviewed and approved the signing of the following agreements and contracts: purchase agreement for snowplow purchased from Butler; policing agreement with the City of Langdon; EAP contract with The Village; and GIS maintenance contract.