Welcome to Dr. Lynne Didrikson

Cavalier County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) and Clinic has a new doctor now available to see patients as Dr. Lynne Didrikson joins the staff.

Posted 12/17/2016

By Melissa Anderson
Dr. Didrikson recently joined (CCMH) and is looking forward to having the opportunity to practice medicine in the community of Langdon.
“This is an opportunity to practice in an underserved area,“ Dr. Didrikson stated.
Dr. Didrikson attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth and graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine. She credits her father for her desire to practice medicine in a rural health care setting.
“My father was my role model,” Dr. Didrikson explained, “He served in a small, rural community all of his life practicing family medicine.”
Dr. Didrikson has experience in a variety of medical fields but most notably in family medicine, women’s health, dermatology, pediatrics, and integrative medicine.
“I am looking forward to being of service to the community and CCMH,” Dr. Didrikson said.
While Dr. Didrikson will have her hands full at the clinic and CCMH being a full time physician, she plans to make time to attend and, hopefully, participate in community events in the future.
When she isn’t at the hospital  assisting patients with their health concerns, Dr. Didrikson enjoys reading and doing various crafting activities.
“I love to read, sew, and do paper crafts,” Dr. Didrikson said.
She isn’t a homebody, however, as she also enjoys sports such as swimming and cross country skiing.
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Lynne Didrikson to CCMH and the Langdon Area community.