Cavalier County Commission meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held a regular meeting on December 20 and met with various departments.

Posted 12/24/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The commission met first with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss his updates. Johnston informed the commission on ongoing culvert projects and the work that the county road crews did following the storm the first week in December.
Commissioner Stanley Dick also put forward a recommendation that during spring, Johnston should place the traffic counters recently purchased on the roads leading into Munich so the county can get accurate numbers for justification purposes of projects. The commission and Johnston agreed.
The commission moved on to meet with the Cavalier County road men with Johnston and hear what their concerns were. The commission and the road men discussed the county equipment, its condition and storage as well as the proposed rotation schedule for replacement that the commission recently created to get the equipment updated.
The commission and road men discussed the issue of pay and salary increases. No road men or road department personnel are on the salary committee. The commission decided to place Terry Johnston on the salary committee to allow their input to be heard in those discussions.
Cavalier County Recorder Vicki Kubat came in to speak with the commission concerning her deputy’s maternity leave. The commission directed Kubat to do what she feels is best in either asking other part-time county employees to step in and assist in her office for those already determined days or to seek help from outside.
Kubat also informed the commission that courthouse employees would like to deliver meals to home-bound seniors for the Cavalier County Senior Meals program. Kubat explained that the department heads wanted the commission’s okay to continue this volunteer effort. The commission agreed that the county employees could do this volunteer work over their lunch breaks.
The commission met last with the soils committee and Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz.  The soils committee was present and put forward a recommendation for the PI of the agricultural land to be set at 29 and also to have all modifiers on agricultural land removed for 2017. The soils committee explained the basis of their recommendation as a means of simplifying and clarifying soils. They also stated that this would place a lot more responsibility on the landowners to ensure their soils and parcels were correctly identified.
Lafrenz supported the recommendation and responded to the commissions concerns regarding if these changes could be implemented prior to the February deadline to get township assessors their books. Lafrenz informed the commission that the PI could easily be changed but that Sidwell would need to remove the modifiers and that she had not yet heard back if they would be able to have that complete in time for the assessor’s books.
In Other Business
• The commission approved the list of board members presented for approval for the Cavalier County Job Development Authority board.
• Terry Girodat gave an update on the boiler project occurring at the courthouse. Girodat also presented a maintenance contract to the commission. The commission approved the contract.
• The commission approved a liquor license for Frost Fire.