Langdon City Commission holds meeting

The Langdon City Commission held their last meeting of the year on Tuesday, December 27.

Posted 12/30/2016

By Melissa Anderson
The commission first discussed the most recent blizzard with its large amount of snowfall and the commendable efforts put forward by the City of Langdon Street Department in getting the snow off the streets and out of the city.
The commission opened the two bids that came in for the control system that will be used in the new pump house that will be built. The commission accepted the bid from Sweeney as both the city and Sweeney are familiar with working with one another.
The commission than reviewed the updated pump house plans created by Moore Engineering following the recommendations of Moore’s mechanical engineer. The commissioners decided to further review the plans and give final approval at a later meeting.
The next item of business was the bids received for the property the city was selling. The only bid  received came from the Cavalier County Weed Board. The city accepted the bid from the weed board, and Langdon City Attorney Quentin Wenzel explained the process moving forward to Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson who was present.
Cavalier County Job Development Authority Executive Director Shannon Duerr presented a training grant request on behalf of the Langdon Public Daycare. The daycare has put in for the grant to assist in employees receiving necessary training after the requirements were changed. The commission approved the grant request.
The final item was added to the agenda as commission chair Chuck Downs brought forward a concern regarding the building permit process. According to Downs, during the recent snowstorm a residence that had turned off its power and incorrectly attempted to shut off the water had flooding in its basement. The efforts to shut the water off found that the curbstop had been damaged and covered with cement in the sidewalk. Downs suggested that wording be put in place in the building permits that requires any damages done to curbstops be reported to the city.
The other commissioners agreed and went further suggesting the city possibly create a map showing the locations of the known curbstops.