Jake’s take on sports

Snow in record amounts

Posted 1/06/2017

By Jake Kulland
First of all Happy New Year to all of our readers and as we said last week, here’s a great 2017 for all of us.  December was an unreal snowy, stormy month.  As seen in last weeks Republican, it looks like we set a record for snowfall in the last month of the year, and of course we still have two months of winter to go.  The snow is now so high that you have to take a leap of faith at some intersections around the area, because it is nearly impossible to see oncoming traffic.  That being said, we need to put a big shout out to the many people who have spent endless hours moving snow and cleaning the streets for everyone to get around.  It can be a thankless job at times (And these people generally do not get winter vacations due to the threat of possible storms that they have to clean up), but thanks to everyone who is working hard and doing their best to keep everything as clear as possible.
Jan. 3 storm forces rescheduled girls hoops game
With all of the bad weather, some activities have had to be moved around.  It’s not really bad yet, but the Langdon-Edmore-Munich girls basketball game that was set for Jan. 3 at Larimore was postponed and is now moved to Feb. 4 with a varsity only game at 6:30pm.  There were scheduling conflicts with the junior high and JV games that day.  We have a feeling that this won’t be the end of things having to be moved around this year, but we will try and keep you up to date here if more changes are needed.
Cardinals are finally coming home
After a long wait, the Langdon-Edmore-Munich girls and boys basketball teams finally have a nice stretch of home games coming up.  It actually all got started on Jan. 5, when the Lady Cards hosted Rolla in Munich.  The girls now will have home games in Langdon this week versus St. John on Jan. 10, then the seventh ranked Cardinals will host the number one North Star in what should be a fun game to watch Jan. 13.  Meanwhile the Cardinals boys will have their first home game in a month, taking on rival Cavalier on Jan. 12.  Again both teams have been doing very well, and are worth a look if you can come and see them play live.  Meanwhile on the hockey front, the Langdon Blades girls hockey team is at home Jan. 8 against Bottineau, while the junior gold boys team is out west for the second time this year.  The Blades boys will also play in a tournament in Grand Forks Jan. 20-22.  It’s cold out, but here are some great options to battle cabin fever.
NFL Playoffs are missing our Vikings
As the NFL Playoffs begin weekend of Jan. 7-8, our beloved Minnesota Vikings season has come to an end.  An improbable 5-0 start with a pile of injuries turned into an 8-8 overall record and no postseason play.  While of course this bothers me and every other Vikes fan, this has been a season like no other.
In the span of the 16 game schedule, we lost our quarterback, left tackle, right tackle, Hall of Fame running back (Oh wait, that all happened in the first two weeks) and many more.  Than our All-Pro kicker went haywire, Hall of Fame offensive coordinator shockingly resigned, and our head coach missed time due to a detached retina. You get make this stuff up, and yes it sounds like a bad country song.
Yep, these are our Vikings, and us diehards love them even more the way they tried to battle through all this adversity.  We are no different really from Cubs fans, and it finally happened for them last fall, which gives us hope that something will finally turn our way in the future.  Looks like we will have to try and pass the time watching Minnesota Wild hockey (They are doing great), and Minnesota Timberwolves basketball (They have been doing not so great).  And yes, there is ALWAYS next year.  Skol!
“See ya!” next week!