Cavalier County Commission conducts business at Jan. 5 meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held a regular meeting on Thursday, January 5 to conduct and address the business of the county.

Posted 1/13/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston. Johnston and the commissioners discussed snow removal from county roads and what areas were larger snowpiles than others. Johnston believes that a snow disaster will be declared for the state. He requested that the commission either hire a temporary driver for the snowplow he operates or determine another use for it so that he can document the amount of snow in the push backs in case a disaster is declared so they have documentation.

Johnston noted that if there is a snow disaster that townships could also potentially be reimbursed. The commission requested that Johnston send letters to the township clerks detailing what information is necessary for documentation and that the clerks spread that information throughout their townships.

Larry Ohma presented a culvert reimbursement request. Ohma explained that he and others in Storlie Township replaced a highly dangerous culvert.

After discussion and investigation, it was determined that because the culvert went under a railroad bed, the commission would not have seen the request had it followed proper procedure. The commission advised Ohma to take the request to the Cavalier County Water Board.

The commission held an abatement hearing for Mark Geffers. Langdon City Assessor Jerry Ratzlaff presented an overview of his findings regarding the property and the recommendation that he made to reduce the property value. The Langdon City Commission had already approved the abatement request. The commission reviewed the information and approved the abatement for 2014.

The commission met with a few members of the Cavalier County Soils Committee who had reviewed their previous recommendation of setting the PI breakpoint at 29. Following further review and investigation, the committee requested that the commission adjust that number up to 34, which the commission did.

The commission, while reviewing bills, requested Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch to explain the recent striping of three vehicles. The commission stated that with current budget concerns, departments are not advised to spend money simply because they have it and that anything that was not budgeted for be put to the commission first.

Fetsch explained that one vehicle was re-striped due to the old striping coming off, another was brand new and needed it done, and the other vehicle had received complaints on the appearance of it. Fetsch stated that the department wanted the vehicles to all have matching decals. Total cost for the striping was approximately $1,500.

The commission met with Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson to discuss when a meeting could take place with North Dakota Game and Fish in regards to weed control and mowing of their properties in Cavalier County. A meeting on March 9 was proposed and it was suggested that the Cavalier County Water Board also be invited.

The commission discussed the contracted HR position with Cavalier County Memorial Hospital. The former HR person that was handling the courthouse resigned from CCMH and as such would no longer be available to the county. The commission decided to terminate the contract with CCMH and will pursue options in contracting the position out again.

In Other Business

• During old business, the commissioners discussed the compensation of county boards and committees. There are only three boards that are currently compensated per meeting and mileage: soils committee, weed board, and social welfare. The commission decided to send a request to the board asking to come up with a recommendation for compensation minus the mileage for their meetings.

• The commissioners will all be attending the County Officials Academy the first week of March to learn about the new legislation that will be coming out of the 65th Legislative Assembly.