Langdon City Commission gives approval for plans

The Langdon City Commissioners met on Monday, January 9 to conduct business and give approval for various aspects of the pump house construction.

Posted 1/13/2017

By Melissa Anderson

Moore Engineering’s Kent Ritterman sent several items for the commission to review, one of which was the pump house plans.

The commission reviewed proposed contractors for specific aspects of the project including soil boring and placing the advertisement for bids for the televising of the city water system. The commission approved the specific contractor, Northern Technologies, for the soil boring and approved the advertisement of bids for the televising.

Ritterman also requested approval from the commission to begin working with BNSF for the boring under railroad property. The commission gave Moore authorization to begin that process.

The commission then reviewed the pump house plans that Moore finished. The commission upon review determined that windows should be added to the plans in order to bring in natural light as well increase visibility for workers from the inside.

The commission approved the plans with the addition of the windows. The commission approved publication for bids for the construction of the pump house.

Ritterman, who was on conference call with the commission, then discussed the water rate increase that is necessary. (See article Page 1 for further details) The commission enacted a resolution to increase the water rates for the City of Langdon from the current $27 to $47, an increase of $20. Any surplus funds garnered from the increase will be applied to the loan debt for the Devils Lake water project.

In Other Business

• The street department has been working diligently to maintain the city streets after all  of the heavy snowfall. The city workers have put in over 80 hours of overtime in their efforts to keep streets passable.

• The city suffered two line breaks on Monday, January 5, and at the time of meeting the breaks had been fixed.

• The Langdon Activity Center is need of new doors into the center as the current doors cannot close do to the freezing weather.