LASD board conducts business at recent meeting

The Langdon Area School District (LASD)board held their monthly meeting on Monday, January 9.

Posted 1/13/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The board heard updates from the administrative staff. LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson reminded the board members that he had sent out legislation updates that could affect schools such as LASD. The administrative staff informed the board of the happenings of the two schools.

Board president Warren Jonasson updated the board on the progress of the new marquis sign. Jonasson stated that efforts to reach Indigo Signs for samples and cost estimates had not been returned.

Jonasson stated that the other company, Stewart Signs, had sent an updated proposal for a sign with the dimensions of 4 feet by 6 feet. The board discussed the idea and gave approval for the purchase of a sign from Stewart signs so long as the cost is no more than $14,000. Prior to finalizing the purchase the board decided to have an email review of the purchase agreement.

The building committee gave their report. A teacher had requested permission to apply for a grant to modernize her classroom for her students. The grant would cover aspects such as furniture and materials but would not cover any necessary remodeling to modify the room. The building committee stated that the room’s ceiling tiles have low level asbestos that would require an abatement to remove. The committee suggested that if the grant is awarded, the school do an abatement of a block of rooms in that section of the school. The other board members agreed and permission to apply for the grant was given.

Business manager Kensi Eisenzimmer gave an update on the  Teachers Fund For Retirement (TFFR) audit that has been ongoing. Eisenzimmer stated that TFFR had requested additional information on 19 cases and in doing her due diligence, Eisenzimmer discovered about 60 checks that had not been properly entered into the system. The error occurred during the transition, and Eisenzimmer was able to rectify it.

Eisenzimmer also updated the board on the progress of the regular audit. So far, the individual hired to do the audit has not returned to complete the audit, and the board expressed concern about the lateness of the audit. Eisenzimmer and Christianson stated that they would apply as much pressure as they can to have the audit completed but noted that LASD is not the only school that has not had their audit completed by this particular individual.

Christianson presented a draft of the proposed school calendar for 2017-2018. Christianson stated that he had inquired for input and that this was what was decided upon. The board reviewed the calendar and approved it.

In Other Business

• The board was informed about an upcoming negotiations seminar being held in Bismarck. Jonasson stated that those interested should let Eisenzimmer know by the end of the month.

• The board approved a $1,000 membership with NESC for commitment of services.