Jake’s take on sports

A short column this week, and here’s why

Posted 1/20/2017

By Jake Kulland

It’s not going to be a long visit this time around, the reason is that I’ve been stricken by the flu, or something like the flu anyway.  It certainly is something that likes to linger, and while I’m no longer making a Bataan Death March back and forth the bathroom like I was pretty much all of last weekend (Many times it was more like a Death Sprint), I still at times feel like I’m on a Tilt-A-Whirl that I can’t reach the lever to stop.  This illness actually forced me to miss a game for the first in a long while, and it’s been a struggle  we have made it to the rest.  I don’t wish this on anyone, but I guess if there’s one thing that has happened, I have seriously cut down one of my very bad habits, so there’s that.  Well before I can’t do it, lets inform you of a few quick things.

Rock Lake, North Dakota, Hello!

Crazy times when we told that the Langdon-Edmore-Munich boys basketball game at Rolla Jan. 19 had to be moved due to leaky roof – Moved to Rock Lake!  Now, that deserved an exclamation point due to the fact that Rock Lake has not had a school in six years, and they have had a high school game played their since 2011.  But being many Rock Lake kids now go to Rolla for school, it seemed natural to reopen the gym for the game.  We are just heading there at the time of this writing, and will bring an update next week.

Langdon Country Club poker tournament coming in February

One more quickie before we leave you, the Langdon Country Club will hold a Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament Feb. 4 at Sporty’s in Langdon.  This is the annual big fundraiser for the club, and everyone 21 and over is welcome to play.  We will have much more on this the next time we visit.

“See ya!” next week!