St. Alphonsus celebrates Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 30 to Feb. 3

St. Alphonsus will be a flurry of activity during the week of January 30 as the teachers and students celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

Posted 1/20/2017

By Melissa Anderson

National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation. It also provides an opportunity to recognize school choice in communities that have Catholic schools. Families do have choice when it comes to educating their kids today.

“We believe in the faith-based education that is being provided at St. Alphonsus School as well as in other Catholic schools in the Fargo Diocese,” St. Alphonsus Principal Derek Simonsen stated, “This is an opportunity to celebrate faith-based education and school choice.”

Over the course of the week the students of St. Alphonsus and other participating schools will be able to celebrate and reflect on the benefits of Catholic education and how the grounding in faith, knowledge and service it provides will help them throughout their lives.

“It also encourages the students to share their personal faith with friends, family, and community,” Simonsen added.

St. Alphonsus will have a variety of activities set up for the students throughout the week along with special Mass services and outreach projects. The activities are geared toward working together and building stronger relationships with classmates while still enjoying something different during the school week.

As of the beginning of the third quarter, the total student enrollment for PreK-8 is 60 students.

“St. A’s does have year-round enrollment and we would enjoy talking with any families that would like to have their children receive a faith-based education,” Simonsen said.

St. Alphonsus Catholic School is fully accredited by the State of North Dakota for PreK-8th grade. All of the classroom teachers are licensed, highly qualified, and experienced educators. St. A’s takes part in all required state testing and state reporting requirements.

“Catholic schools are set apart because they are educating the whole student. There is a focus on academic growth, physical growth, emotional growth but most importantly spiritual growth,” Simonsen stated.

The education provided by Catholic schools such as St. Alphonsus is based on Biblical principiles through which a curriculum from a faith-based perspective is provided to students.

“These are all reasons why St. A’s is a school that is set apart as well,” Simonsen said, “Public education, as a whole, is clearly trending in the opposite direction of faith, the Bible, and the Catholic church.”

Simonsen explained that it is important for Catholic families, as well as families of other Christian faiths, to know that there is an option for educating their child that is faith-focused.

“Along with that, St. A’s has small class sizes, and the individualized attention that students are able to get from their teachers is extremely valuable,” Simonsen added.

Currently, for those interested in exploring having their children attend St. Alphonsus, the school will be holding early registration for the 2017-18 kindergarten class at St. A’s. Any student that registers before the end of January receives a $200 discount on tuition.

Please call 256-2354 or stop by the school office for more information, to register a child, or to visit the school at

The school also has a Facebook page where parents can find additional information,