Moonlighters Snowmobile Club members receive awards

At the Snowmobile North Dakota convention held on December 2, area snowmobile enthusiast Dennis Karsky was inducted into the Snowmobile North Dakota Hall of Fame.

Posted 1/27/2017

By Melissa Anderson


Karsky belongs to the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club and was familiar with the club when is was originally called the Mt. Carmel Moonlighters which was established in 1978. Quite a few years later the name was changed to Moonlighters Snowmobile Club.

Karsky joined the club in 1980 and was elected president in 1984. He held that position for about 27 years.

“The members wanted to do something for me, and it was mentioned to apply for the Snowmobile North Dakota Hall of Fame,” Karsky said, “I agreed to give them the information they would need for the application.”

Some of the things that could be used as part of a list of contributions for a nominee to the Snowmobile ND Hall of Fame include :

• Individuals who have made advancements in the form of invention, innovation, and/or development of machines and equipment. (i.e.: drags)

• Trail and program developers who have initiated programs or ways to further advance the sport of snowmobiling in North Dakota.

• Volunteers and club organizers who have led efforts to improve the sport deserve special recognition.

• Publishers and journalists who have brought to attention the uses of snowmobiling to the general public.

• Served on the Snowmobile North Dakota Board of Directors and provided innovative projects, enhancements, and profound awareness of the sport of snowmobiling to the organization.

• Public administrators who have initiated programs and development in the sport of snowmobiling through either local or statewide efforts.

Jamie Coyle took on the job of getting the information into the state early last year. The Moonlighters Club found out Karsky had been chosen to be inducted into the Hall of Fame about a month before the state convention. The convention was held in Bottineau where Karsky was presented  with the award following the banquet.

Karsky was chosen as this year’s recipient of the award for the many years he has been involved with the Moonlighters Club as well as being a member of Northeast Snowmobile Club Association (NESCA). Another important factor in his receiving the award was the part he had in helping to get snowmobile trails established in this part the state.

“The first snowmobile trail near here was the Moonlighter Trail. It was first groomed during the 1985-1986 season and was about 20 miles,” Karsky shared.

Karsky would like to thank the Moonlighters for nominating him and everyone that helped him to accomplish getting the trail and club activities done over the years.

“There are lots of people to thank,” Karsky said.

The Moonlighter club and other area clubs can always use help putting the signs out on the  trails in the late fall and removing them in the spring.

“We have a lot more than the 20 miles of trails that we started out with now,” Karsky stated.

Snowmobile North Dakota is made up of snowmobile clubs, and individual/family and business memberships. Together these clubs and members make up 14 trail associations in North Dakota. The state trail system consists of over 2,800 miles of groomed trails.

The trail program receives contract dollars from the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department to assist with the operation of the state snowmobile trail system. The organization also relies heavily on support from volunteers.

Volunteers do the brunt of the work in regards to maintaining the trails and ensuring that the trails are safe for snowmobilers. One such volunteer who also belongs to the Moonlighters Club is John Kelly. Kelly was nominated by his peers in the Moonlighters Club for Groomer of the Year, which he was awarded.

Kelly was nominated by Moonlighters Club member Jon Iverson because he has demonstrated a deep commitment to snowmobiling and has been involved in snowmobile organizations striving to make the sport even more enjoyable in the future.

“It’s a great honor to be able to serve the community and provide a service to everyone that enjoys the sport of snowmobiling,” Kelly said.

Jakob Iverson, son of Jon and Carissa Iverson, was the final member of the Moonlighters Club to receive an award at the banquet. Iverson is 17 years old and has been snowmobiling since he was about 3.

The Young Snowmobiler Award is given to snowmobilers between the ages of 12-17. All nominees for the award are required to be active Snowmobile ND Club members and have taken a snowmobile safety course if required by state law.

“It’s really nice to win this award, and I was really surprised I got it,” Iverson said.

Iverson was selected as the recipient for this years Young Snowmobilers award as he has demonstrated a deep commitment to snowmobiling and has been involved with his club in striving to make the sport even more enjoyable in the future.

Both Kelly and Iverson would like to thank those that nominated them and look forward to seeing others enjoying the snowmobile trails this winter.

The Moonlighters Club is always looking for new members to join them and enjoy the sport of snowmobiling. If you are interested in joining the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club please call Jon Iverson at 370-9992.