LAHS Student Council to host Giving Hearts event

The Langdon Area High School Student Council invites you to attend their Giving Hearts Day spaghetti supper on Thursday, February 9.

Posted 02/02/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The dinner portion will be served starting at 6 p.m. with a 7 p.m. presentation on the sentiments surrounding Giving Hearts Day and Wellspring for the World, the councils chosen recipient for the funds raised at the supper.

“The LAHS Student Council is always open to new ideas, especially when it involves giving back to others. We happened to see another school raising awareness for the lack of clean and accessible water in developing countries, and we wanted to do the same,” Dawson Schefter, president of the LAHS Student Council, said.

“Wellspring for the World stood out to us because on ‘Giving Hearts Day’, for every dollar donated $6 is returned to Wellspring for the World through matching partnerships,” Madison Gapp, a fellow council member explained.

Wellspring is a Fargo based charity organization that raises funds for their partner, World Vision, to build wells in poverty stricken communities. World Vision is a charity organization that helps poor communities become well-rounded so they can survive on their own. The clean water they provide helps the communities thrive as it  can help those communities to  start practicing proper sanitization as 80 percent of the diseases are from contaminated water.

“Clean water is something that can often be taken for granted in our daily lives, but it is a vital resource that so many lack,” Schefter shared.

Children in these locations benefit the most from the clean water source as they still have developing immune systems making them the most affected by contaminated water.

“It is such a problem that a child dies every 8 seconds from these water-borne diseases. Clean water can prevent this from happening,” Gapp said.

The nearby wells improve not only the health of the communities  but also give the women and children within those communities the chance to receive an education. There will also be an increase in food supply.

“Women and children in poverty stricken countries spend almost their entire day walking to dangerous locations to scoop up dirty water to bring back home,” Gapp explained.

In an effort to illustrate the average daily travel of the women and children in these developing communities, members of the student council came up with the idea of having community members carry water buckets various distances as a way to get everyone involved with the cause while, most importantly, bringing awareness to it. The Student Council would like to raise $2,000.

“If this goal is met, the community and our local businesses will carry water a total of four miles, the minimum average distance traveled to collect water,” Schefter said.

For every $25 raised by participating businesses, a representative or student council member will be completing one lap of the ‘Walk for Water Challenge’ which includes participants carrying buckets of water.

During their ‘Giving Hearts Day’ event the Student Council will also be making available information on the WDAY Honor Flight program which charters WWII and Korean War veterans to Washington, D.C. to view the memorials erected in their honor.

“The Council will be facilitating donations to this organization as well,” Kayla Lee, advisor to the LAHS student council, said.

Those who cannot make it to the high school can donate at any many local businesses as well as ministries.

“Keep in mind that for every dollar donated $6 is returned to Wellspring for the World through matching partnerships,”  Lee said.

Businesses seeking to offer a donation or matching partnership can contact the council at 701-256-5291 or

To learn more about Wellspring and its partner, World Vision, and how these two organizations work together to make an impact, please visit