Cavalier County Commissioners hold short meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held a short meeting during the afternoon of February 6.

Posted on 2/10/17

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with Ron Haugen of North Dakota State University who explained how NDSU creates the agricultural land values used by the office of the state tax commissioner. The values for both crop land and non cropland are the responsibility of NDSU as stated in the North Dakota Century Code.

The commission met with Haugen to be better informed on the issue of being within tolerance of the state commissioners office when assigning values to ag land. The county needs to be within a certain range of the value assigned by NDSU.

The commission met next with the engineer in charge of the boiler project. The project is progressing as planned and should be completed by March. The task that is being worked on is wiring for controls on the main courthouse level. Currently, the heat is left on throughout the night and shut off during the day.

The commission met with several departments to hear updates. The departments giving reports were the Treasurers office, Clerk of Court, Recorders office, Tax Director, Veterans Service Officer, and finally the  Weed officer. All departments reported that things were going smoothly.

Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson discussed the upcoming meeting on March 9 with US Game and Fish that will include not only the county commission and weed board but the water board as well. The purpose of the meeting being held at the Langdon research Extension Center is to discuss options to insure weeds are controlled on game and fish controlled property.

The commission met last with Cavalier County Road supervisor Terry Johnston. Johnston and the commission opened the snow plow truck bids that had been received. Due the number and the complexity of the bids, the commission requested that Johnston and Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner review the bids and present  the commission with the bids that best meet the criteria. The commission also reviewed the snowplow driver applications that had been received. The commission decided to interview the applicants the following week. Johnston requested that the county place a motor grader operator want ad for the upcoming summer. The commission agreed