Langdon Area School District board meeting

The Langdon Area School District (LASD) board held their monthly meeting on Monday, February 13.

Posted 2/17/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The activities committee gave a recommendation that Rich Olson be approved as the head boys track coach for the upcoming track season. The board approved.

Members of Langdon Day Care Center board and Jackie Thom, the director for the day care presented the school board with an idea for an afterschool program. The day care board suggested the program as an alternative to their own current program as the day care center is currently at maximum capacity. The day care board suggested that the program run from end of school until 5:30 p.m. when parents must pick up their child. Similar programs are currently in place at several schools in the area including Cavalier and Thompson.

The board had several questions and concerns regarding the implementation of an afterschool program at LASD. The issue of who would be in charge of the program as well as adult supervision. The issue of hiring teachers to supervise would be difficult as they would need to be paid which would include retirement and having to be written into contracts.  High school students as volunteers was also considered. LASD Superintendent Daren Christianson had several concerns regarding the program as well. The discussion also focused on the logistics of the program including if any regulations would apply. The school board decided to turn the idea over to the LASD administration to determine if it was feasible to start an after school program. The day care board members requested that when a decision was made that they be informed.

In Other Business

• The board approved the pledge of securities.

• The board reviewed the letter of intent for negotiation from the Langdon Area Educators Association for the next two year teacher contracts.

• The board approved an FMLA request for eight weeks.

• The board acknowledged a home school letter of intent.

• The board set the school board election date for the second Tuesday in June which is June 13. Board members whose terms are up are Warren Jonasson and Dave Hart.