Cavalier County Commission meets with full agenda

The Cavalier County Commission met Tuesday, February 21 in the afternoon with a full agenda of business.

Posted 2/24/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Cavalier County Weed Officer Leon Pederson to discuss the upcoming meeting that is being held with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, ND Fish and Wildlife and several county boards including weed, water, and the commission board. The purpose of the meeting is to find a solution to an ongoing problem of the two agencies not managing the weeds on their properties as well as maintaining the properties in regards to plant growth.  The intent is to have as many landowners with adjacent properties also present to voice their concerns on the management of Fish and Wildlife properties. The meeting is set for Thursday, March 9 at 1 p.m. at the Langdon Research and Extension Center.

Pederson also brought forward the Cavalier County Weed Board’s recommendation for compensation as requested by the Cavalier County Commission. The weed board recommended $115 per meeting with the understanding that no mileage would be applied for when responding to complaints. The amount was decided upon because it is the total for the furthest member to attend meetings and, to date, the weed board members have not applied for compensation for mileage while responding to complaints. The commission agreed and made the amount retroactive to the most recent weed board meeting.

Gary Bimler was present on behalf of the Langdon Township board to request the replacing of a narrow bridge with culverts. Members of the Cavalier County Water Board were also present. Extensive discussion amongst those presented finally lead to a decision being made that the bridge would be replaced with culverts so long as the Langdon Township Board applied $6,000 to the project.

The commission met last with Paula Schuh of the Ramsey and Cavalier County Housing Authority. Schuh informed the commission that, as a result of the current board not having had a quorum for the past two years, Schuh requested that the commission decide between one of two options available. One option was dissolving the current board and the county commission taking over the duties of the housing board. The second was dissolving the board and turning over the decision making power to the Ramsey County Housing Authority Board, which has been able to meet routinely.

After extensive discussion and Schuh answering questions such as explaining what the commission would be responsible for as the new housing board, the commission felt it was in the best interest of the county to maintain the decision making power in the county and took over the housing board.

Schuh explained that there was a possibility in the future, should proposed legislation pass of increasing the number of  board members for the housing authority, that Ramsey and Cavalier County could have a joint board with members from the Cavalier County commission.

In Other Business

• The commission met with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston for updates. Johnston also informed the commission on the protocol that must take place in order for a snow disaster to be declared and funded.

• The commission met Kim Ruliffson who took over as the North East District NDSU Extension Director in August of 2016.

• The commission approved beer and liquor licenses for both the Langdon Country Club and the Walhalla Country Club.

• The commission re-appointed Elsie Magnus to the Senior Meals and Services board.

• During Old Business two items were reviewed. Commissioner Stanley Dick presented on the zoning policies that are used in Steele County and felt that they would be a good guideline for Cavalier County. However, at this time, Dick felt that other issues needed to be sorted out before a policy could be crafted.

Cavalier County Auditor Lisa Gellner suggested, on behalf of the HR committee, that rather than holding monthly team building exercises, the HR person, when hired, do them quarterly as they will be quite busy with the normal workload.