LASD Foundation seeks nominations for Educators’ Hall of Fame

The Langdon Area School District Foundation is once again seeking nominations of those outstanding educators or school faculty that have made a difference in the lives of their students.

Posted 03/09/2017

By Melissa Anderson

“The Educators’ Hall of Fame’s main purpose is to honor past educators and people in the field of education for their excellence and their influence upon students in the past and how they affected the future lives of students,” Don Haugen, a member of the Educator’s Hall  of Fame committee, said.

The idea for the hall of fame was Haugen’s back in about 1998, and during the All School Reunion in 2000, the first class of the LASD Foundation Educators’ Hall of Fame were inducted.

“I had some very impressive teachers here in Langdon when I grew up, and I thought it would be special to be able to honor those people,” Haugen shared,”It went well and we continued the hall of fame as a way of honoring those people.”

Some of the first to be inducted into the Educators’ Hall of Fame included some of Langdon’s first teachers: E.J. Fox, Thilda and Lena Vangstad, Marian Hamilton, Margaret Kertz, Gerald Klein, Delmar Lewis, Helen and Wallace Osmon, Irwin Reinke, Winifred Schefter, Elsie Schrader, and Robert Short.

“There is a lot of pride in the first teachers and having them on the wall, and  we don’t want to take away from those in the hall of fame, so new nominees have to be made sure that they are deserving of the award,” Haugen said.

Haugen explained that in order to be considered for the Educators’ Hall of Fame, nominees must have worked for at least 10 consecutive years in the Langdon Area School District and have been retired for at least one complete year.

“Most of us in the hall of fame were teachers for over 30 years at Langdon,” Haugen said,”Some of the hall famers were awarded posthumously.”

When the LASD Foundation first started the Educators’ Hall of Fame, they had an extensive list of nominees. The wall where the plaques are hung has 26 past educators among the ranks. Haugen explained that nominations are not limited to just teachers but that those nominated could have been a librarian or an administrator.

“They don’t have to be a teacher, just in education,” Haugen said.

After the first few requirements of length of time and being in education, there are other factors that contribute to the nominee’s consideration for the hall of fame.

“What else have they done-such as community involvement, outside of school activities, or helping within the school through coaching or subbing,” Haugen explained.

Currently the committee has  four or five nominated for the upcoming class but would like to see more nominations before making a final decision.

“We go through the process every two years, and every class has between two to five joining the ranks of the educators’ hall of fame,” Haugen stated.

For students who feel that a certain educator affected their life in a positive and lasting way, the Educators’ Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to give that teacher the recognition they deserve.

To nominate an educator please fill out a form available on the LASD Foundation Facebook page or email Dawn Kruk at The form is also available on the Langdon Area School website.