Cavalier County Commissioners discuss roads and roadmen

The commission began their meeting held on March 9 by discussing the rate at which the county should set assessor assignment fees for townships who do not find their own assessor.

Posted 3/17/2017

By Melissa Anderson

After lengthy discussion, Commissioner Stanley Dick requested that no motion be made so that he could further discuss the topic with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz.

The commission met next with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston. Johnston informed the commission he had received information about a grant opportunity from U.S. Fish and Wildlife for road maintenance of high recreational use roads. Because township roads consititute the majority of roads in Cavalier County, the commission directed Johnston to inform those townships most likely to be eligible.

The commission and Johnston also discussed the likelihood of a winter disaster being declared in the state. Recent storms that have battered the west make the chances increasingly more likely that the governor may declare a winter snow disaster.

The commission and Johnston spoke with Chris Lundeby who suggested placing protective coatings on county vehicles to decrease chance of damage from rocks and general wear. The commission requested Lundeby place the protective coating on vehicles as time allows.

The commission also discussed when local load limits for roads would go into effect. The commission agreed that they would follow the state for when the load limits go on but would remove them at the county’s discretion rather than with the state. The load limits are enforceable when the signs go up until they come down.

The commission then reviewed the motor grader operator applications along with the HR officer for Cavalier County, Jolene Ullyott. The commissioners and Ullyott went over acceptable interview questions and requested Ullyott be present for the interviews.

The commission met with the courthouse maintenance director Terry Girodat to discuss a grant application through North Central Planning to make the courthouse more handicap accessible. The grant would be used to make the east restrooms entrance more suitable to handicap needs. The project is being worked on and projected to be placed on a bid for a total of $49,500 with a grant maximum of $50,000.

In Other Business

• The commission approved Ullyott’s HR contract with the county.

• The Cavalier County Memorial Hosptial offered spots for customer service training to county employees. The commission felt this would benefit the county courthouse employees, other county employees and possibly even boards.

• The board discussed the ND Compassionate Care Act, otherwise known as the medical marijuana bill, and how Cavalier County could be an ideal location for growing of the medicinal marijuana. The commission suggested that the idea be taken to the Cavalier County Job Development Authority.