Cavalier County Commissioners meeting

The Cavalier County Commission held a regular meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

Posted 3/23/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met first with Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston to discuss the county roads and their maintenance.

Seven bids were received for gravel and equipment, and the commission directed Johnston to review the bids and give his recommendation at the next meeting. The commission also discussed the placing of load limits on county roads. The commission heavily debated whether to place the limits on before the state declaration.

The culvert policy was the final item that was discussed last meeting. The commission reviewed the policy and, after some more changes, accepted the policy.

The commission then met with Cavalier County Sheriff Greg Fetsch. Fetsch presented the two new deputies, Heidi Witzel and Nick Hoffman. Fetsch informed the commission that the department has been very busy with recent criminal activity including burglaries and drug busts.

Fetsch informed the commission that he has been very busy updating the policy manual for the department as well as meeting new guidelines. The county jail will have to undergo a visual audit. Fetsch informed the commission that he has found a auditor to complete the review from New Mexico who will be coming up to do other jails in the area.

Fetsch informed the commission that recent events, not only in the area but region, have created the need for an emergency response team for the area. Fetsch has been in talks with Walsh and Pembina counties to start such a team. He has found a surplus supplier in Bismarck who would be able to outfit the team with the necessary gear at little to no cost. The commission was very supportive of such an endeavor.

The commission met last with Cavalier County Tax Director Pam Lafrenz to discuss the city and township reassessments. Lafrenz updated the commission on the parcel create which is nearing completion for Vanguard. Lafrenz is expecting the Vanguard assessors to be in the county by May of this year. Cost for the assessment will be roughly $150 per residential and $200 for commercial. Townships have been informed that they have 5 years to pay their share of their reassessment at 0 percent interest. The commission felt this would make the process more fair.

Lafrenz also stated that assessors for townships have also been assigned and should have been in contact with the assigned townships’ supervisors.

In Other Business

• The commission discussed zoning ordinances for the growing of medical marijuana.

• The commission met with Cavalier County Emergency Manager Karen Kempert to discuss funding for some of the needed services. The commission approved and Kempert also requested that a weather spotting class be offered to the roadmen as a means of providing important weather information in the county.

• Martin Mechanical gave an update on the boiler heating project. Expected completion date is April. Over the course of the project, the courthouse fire alarm system was found to be in need of updating. Courthouse maintenance director Terry Girodat is working with Cavalier County Job Development Authority to find possible grants for this.