Color Me Healthy Run in Langdon

Another fun community event has been scheduled for Langdon residents to participate in this spring as the Color Me Healthy Run is set for May 13 with pre-registration due April 13.

Posted 3/30/2017

By Melissa Anderson

Billie Symons, one of the organizer of the events, explained that there were  a number of people involved with the idea for the run starting with a few people thinking about having a 5K/10K in Langdon. One group had attended the color run held in Walhalla and thought it would be fun to have one here, and the Scrappy Run group wanted to have that activity continued but wanted the proceeds to benefit the community.

“Some members of all those groups as well as a few others were chatting after the Widow’s Glow Run/Walk this past fall, and the color run idea was born,” Symons said.

The event was created and organized by the  core committee of Tara Field, Chris Wyatt, Val Cheatley, Andrea Fetsch, Jennifer Busse, Wanda Howatt, and Billie Symons with the help of a few other people.

The committee members wanted to hold the color run because they believe Langdon is a great community and wanted a way to celebrate that.

“We wanted to promote health and wellness, whether that means physical, financial, spiritual, emotional or any other kind of health,” the committee said.

“We also wanted to do something that would be fun and appeal to more than the serious runners and walkers. The bigger the party, the better,” they added.

Since this is the first year for the Color Me Healthy Run/Walk with the group hopeful that the event will be a hit with many more to come, the funds raised will go to a different community project or charity each time it is held.

“Each year we will choose a different community project or charity to support,” the committee explained, “This year the proceeds will go toward the WeekEND Hunger Project.”

For those who don’t know what a fun event a color run is, participants start off with a clean white t-shirt. As participants pass color stations during their walk or run, colored powder is thrown at them.

“At the end of their event, they will no longer be clean and white but covered with splashes of color,” the committee said, “Most importantly, the colors are non-toxic and FDA approved.  They are made from ingredients like corn starch and baking soda.”

There is no age limit in place, but there are age recommended distances. Ages 11 and up will be participating in the 5K or 10K. The committee has decided on two shorter distances but had not determined the length at time of print.

“One for ages 6-10 and the shortest for ages 5 and under,” the committee stated.

As the theme of this event is a healthy community, there will also be some healthy activities for those who would rather watch than run.

“We do not at, this time, know what specifically they will be.  So while the spectators are waiting for the participants to return and cheer them on, there will be booths to visit,” the committee shared.

Pre-registration, with a guaranteed shirt size, deadline is April 13. This does not mean that if the date is missed you will not get a shirt, only that the size you request cannot be guaranteed. The pre-registration price will remain discounted as long as registration is received by the Friday before the event.

“The event itself is May 13, which is the Saturday before Mother’s Day,” the committee explained.

The committee also notes that while there was an end date for sponsorships being listed as March 31, they will not turn away those who come in late.

To find a registration form, please visit the Color Me Healthy Run/Walk Facebook page at