Langdon City Commission conducts business at recent meeting

The Langdon City Commission met on Monday, March 27 with a short agenda.

Posted 3/30/2017

By Melissa Anderson

The commission met with Carol Goodman of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority(CCJDA) to continue discussion of the creation of a Master Plan for the community.

Goodman explained that the catalyst for the new plan was the need for housing and industrial expansion. Currently the CCJDA is working with Dan Fischer of Fischer Surveying to look for suitable areas for housing and industrial development within the City of Langdon. Goodman also suggested that the commission review the city ordinances and update or change as needed to suit the growing community.

The commission agreed that what was suggested by Goodman was a possible direction for the commission, but no decision was made as two commission members were absent.

The commission met next with Northeast Regional Water District General Manager Gordy Johnson. Johnson updated the commission on the construction progress and how quickly they are expecting the construction on the pipeline to begin as well as the contractors being used.

The commission reviewed a request from Lance Schill in regards to building storage units. The commission, after reviewing the request, stated that there could be issues with him getting approach access. The commission directed Schill to contact the North Dakota Department of Transportation to inquire about a temporary approach to the location.

In Other Business

• The commission received three gravel bids for the City of Langdon’s gravel needs. The commission accepted the bid from Mikkelsen Construction.

• The commission extended the televising of the city water waste system as the company is finding many issues that are causing delays.